Thursday, 24 March 2011

I'm just going out and I may be a while...

I'll be shutting the computer down soon and I'm not sure when I'll be back.  Access is not yet decided on. let alone arranged.  Very probably I'll upgrade my iPhone and use the next model's tethering abilities to run the net from my computer.  I have email to my phone but refuse to do much more than that with the small screen.

Big problems yesterday.  I'm just about totally packed, still have clothes to do.  Was on my way with DIL to buy bed, lounge, dining suite etc.  Solicitor phoned to say the vendor's bank was not ready to settle today.  My money has been available for a week.  Whoever heard of a bank which didn't want to take money?  I complained long and loudly about the awkward circumstances this left me in.  I rang again through the afternoon with the same message.  Settlement is now tentatively noon tomorrow.  I have deliveries arranged, a Woolworths delivery, removalists set up etc.  My son suggested that they may have mislaid the title deeds at the bank.  He's seen it happen before.

I finished my son's hat and he's happy with it.  He likes plain, basic design so the 2x2 rib suited him just fine.  I took pictures but they are still on the camera.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

she's got the key of the door...

...never been 21 before.  Well I can't say that bit about being twenty one, but I do have the key of the door.  The keys to my new place.  I picked them up this morning.  While I haven't settled yet, that's early Thursday afternoon, I was offered the keys so I could get appliances delivered.

It's wet today, very wet.  Bucketing down at times which is a change from the miserable bits of drizzle we've had lately.  I came down with several bags to take over, quite prepared to walk down to Parramatta Road and catch the bus down.  There are two stops handy.  When DIL saw the rain, she offered to take me.  I know she had reservations about my judgement in buying the place.  Fortunately she loved it.

So now I have keys, lots of keys.  My single key has looked lonely on my keyring for the pst year since my other ring was  stolen in the robbery here.  I can't say it looks lonely now.  There are keys to the security front door. Window keys, front door key, balcony key, key to the level from the outside of the fire escape which also leads to the roof area.  There's a letter box key and a key from the lift to outside.  There's also the automated door opener to the security garage door.  Not only that but I was given at least another six keys in an envelope which had the apartment number on it.  I have the locksmith coming on Friday after settlement to change the locks, so when he's gone I'll work my way through things carefully and ditch the rest that have no uses now.

The new wardrobe in the second bedroom is huge with lots of storage.  It looks good and I'm pleased with it.  While I don't like vertical blinds much, the new one in the loungeroom onto the balcony looks presentable.  The fresh white paint all through has freshened everything up really well.

I went to a local branch of my bank on Wednesday as I was under the impression I needed to get them to note I would be wanting a large bank cheque.  Oh no.  They don't work like that now.  I would be sat down with two bank employees and asked to narrate my life with full evidence of everything in five minutes flat.  Then they would consider if I could have the bank cheque in exchange for my money.  I was not happy.  They were very polite but firm.

So I emailed the solicitor and asked him to obtain settlement details ASAP in case I had to wrangle bank.  They came on Thursday afternoon.  I went to a different branch with a pile of (unnecessary) ID.  No problems so I found myself with a large folder of important bits and pieces and a cheque.  I caught the train out to Penrith and gave the cheque to teh solicitor.  It's now in their trust fund, but at least out of my hands.  I've done all I can to ensure smooth settlement.

I took some measurements while I was there with DIL and have ordered online a fridge and a frontloading washing machine.  They'll be delivered Tuesday.

Son is beginning to get over operation although he can't put foot to floor yet. He's basically cut out the heavy analgesics and is trying to cope with just  a couple of nurofen a day.  He was taking two different morphine based pain killers several times a day. He'll be given a lighter cast on Tuesday we hope.  I've spent a lot of time this week knitting him a fairly plain hat.  I made him an alpaca hat, black a few years ago and this one is in Bendigo grey 5 ply.  Very plain, basically 2x2 rib.  There are no photos yet as the last few stitches need to have yarn threaded through and darned in.  It was monotonous knitting but useful as it freed my mind to plan moving etc.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

big splurge

A present for me from me.  I'm not too sure how I'll go with this.  I'm not very computer savvy and my eyes tend to glaze over when I read camera manuals, but I bought a digital SLR.  It came from Digital Camera Warehouse with branches in Sydney close to me, Melbourne and Brisbane.  Prices there were far better than any I had found elsewhere and they also sell online.  My friend had the basic lens for the camera and I'll probably get a wideangle lens when I have a bit more experience with the camera.  He also has a camera bag which suits the camera and he'll lend me this me.

He came with me for moral support. it's not far from where either of us live.  I couldn't fault the service.  As I said I don't know much about cameras. let alone SLRs and I am sure I asked some stupid questions.  The salesman was very polite and answered in terms I can understand.

My old Olympus has done very well.  It's had a lot of use over probably eight years and perhaps a bit more, and it's getting quite tired now.  The battery is also wearing out and not holding its charge well and that's another almost $100 to replace it.

One thing is for sure - I hope I never have to take any pictures like those coming out of Japan now.  They are horrifying. Truly horrifying.

Friday, 11 March 2011

B I N G O, B I N G O

I went yesterday to the Central Coast for a haircut from DIL.  Much needed and I feel and look much better today.

I stayed overnight and son, DIL and I all went to the kindergarten presentation and morning tea for my grandson who started school five weeks ago.  He was very shy about the whole thing, although he's a boisterous rowdy boy most of the time.  He's the boy on the left in the back row.  They looked so sweet, all of them in their new uniforms a couple of sizes too big to allow for growth.

In five weeks they had come a along way.  They filed in carefully but although it wasn't their first time in the assembly hall, some were quite disturbed by all the adults and younger brothers and sister.  Four songs were sung including  B I N G O and all had actions.  As always, there was one child who did the actions back to front to everyone else.

I took knitting but didn't do any.  The train up was very crowded and my bag was pushed well under the seat.

I spoilt myself with some books which have arrived from the book depository.  Although I have the small, almost pamphlet size edition of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac, I bought the hardcover commemorative edition.  Lots of lovely things to look through in addition to what is in the booklet.

Do I need a coffee table book in my new apartment?  Probably not, but I've been meaning to get A Gathering of Lace for some time now.  It's gorgeous and some of the patterns call my name quite loudly.

The third was Knitting at Home by Leanne Prouse.  Lots of lovely things in there too.  I foresee some good relaxing evenings reading these.

Son's ankle operation was yesterday after several postponements.  He didn't go into surgery till well after 7:00 pm, having fasted from midnight the night before.

He's home now with two very heavy duty painkillers, enough to last him till Monday.  While he was in surgery the surgeon manipulated the other ankle which he hurt a couple of weeks ago when bad ankle collapsed under him.   He also studied the MRI scan done two days go.  This ankle has already had surgery one before.  Upshot is that there will be surgery on that in three months time.  So he has a full length elastic stocking on that foot to improve circulation and a plaster cast on teh other foot.  He sure does things properly!

Monday, 7 March 2011

squirrel nutkin socks

Ta da!  After chickening out on the previous set of socks, here's the next socks, due April 30.  Nutkin, my second pair.

Some sock club members were worried about twisting and fit.  These go over my feet well, no sign of twisting at all.  The first pair was fine too, so I didn't expect problems.

The pair is finished early, very quickly.  They are a very easy knit, I'd done them before.  I had a terrible cold which descended on me quite unexpectedly last Tuesday.  I have no idea where it came from as I hadn't been out anywhere for days except church on Sunday morning.  I can only surmise that's where it was floating around.  I've done very little except knit or sleep for almost a week.  I think I feel better now but it's left me with a terrible cough.  I was bent double yesterday morning, scarcely able to get my breath and with tears streaming down my face.  It's somewhat better today, but there's a way to go yet.

The yarn came from Needlefood. Colour is HokeyPokey.  I still have some of their yarn in my stash and hope it's not like this skein.  I've used their wool before and really liked it.  Not this skein.  It was splitty all the way through.  Sometimes the plies were so loose I could see each strand for about ten centimetres.  Sometimes, there were little loops of one strand poking up.  About six times through the skein, the yarn appeared to have been rubbed by a heavy duty piece of steel wool or similar for about twenty centimetres. Certainly not up to the standard I expected  and had seen from previous skeins.

So with this selection of sock already done, all I have to do now is keep track of the bag which has the yarn and patterns for the rest of the year.  Hopefully I'll know just where it is when i get boxes unpacked from my move and want something to sit down with to relax in the evenings.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

nutkin socks

The first day of Autumn here.  Not that you'd know it as a top of 36°C has been forecast.  It's quite warm, over 30° but not yet to forecast temperature.  As often happens, it's mid afternoon and the thermometer is still climbing.

So I pulled out the second pattern for the super sock club 2011.  It's Nutkin, much to my relief.  Admittedly I was carrying some baggage with me about the stitch used in the Shur'tugal socks, but I gave up on them.  Hated the pattern stitch although the design looked good in socks.  If I see a twist or something about arrowheads again, I'll know to check the stitch.

So here's the hem and the first pattern repeat for Nutkin.  This is my second pair to this design.  Ten easy, intuitive rows to the pattern, very easy.  My first pair didn't twist and I'm hoping this is the same.  I see some discussion about possible twisting on the club's board on Ravelry.  The marker is the beginning of the row as I've concealed the cast on thread inside the hem.

The wool is from Needlefood, now not operating, in NZ.  Their wool is very pleasant to knit, although this lot seems a bit splitty.  The colour is Hokey Pokey.

These socks won't take long and I've forgotten the next pattern for May.  So a surprise to follow.  At least the nasty taste in my mouth from abandoning the Shur'tugals should be muted with this pair.  Then again, no knitting police, OK?  At least I'm not concealing the fact that I abandoned them.

I had an embarrassing moment this morning.  A couple of years ago I made several pairs of lounge pants from the Amy Butler book, In Stitches.  One pair in particular has been wonderful.  Just right in fit, made from an op shop sheet, very comfortable. I wear them often. I did some washing and draped it as I often do over the rails you can see and from various other hangers.  I put the pants over the floodlight because I knew it was charged.  Unfortunately, I wasn't careful and put more on the outside of the rail than the inside as I usually do.  An enormous gust of wind carried them away and i didn't realise for quite a while that they had gone.  I looked downstairs  but no, nothing.  Eventually I found them over the fence, under next door's BBQ!  I summoned up courage and went to see if anyone was home as there are many young men who live there.  The one who was at home thought it was a huge joke, but retrieved them for me.

Yes, the glass is dusty but I cannot reach it at all.  You are looking through two panes there and only one is a door and movable.

Late on last Saturday I had an email from the fellow representing the group I am buying from.  The place has been painted and professionally cleaned, blind and wardrobe ordered but not fitted.  Now settlement is on 24th March, no later.  Would I like to get the keys on the Saturday before and keep them.  I could do  a pre-settlement check and arrange deliveries for appliances like fridge and washing machine.  I wasn't to move in properly but that's OK.  My solicitor approved so things are on  the move.

I spent yesterday opening accounts for gas and electricity and combing websites for quotes for insurance. Companies want a great deal of personal information before there is even an opportunity to start the quote system.  Not only that, but the sites are misleading and it's a bit like trying to compare apples , oranges and cucumbers and find the right answer.  It took me hours, and I felt quite addled when I finally made a decision and took out a policy online to start on March 19th.  One site wanted all personal info then info on the place itself.  I had already selected the type of insurance I was after and the first thing they want is the address.  After pages of questions and lots of info about me, I finally was told that they apologised but didn't cover that area.  I was very cranky.

I have just realised  there will now be a double anniversary on March 19th.  That was the day that I made myself sign application for divorce papers.  A year later I get the key to what I am buying.  It also happens to be ex-husband's birthday.  I think he still answers emails but is very cagy about his whereabouts.  None of his sons has any idea where he is.