Sunday, 24 April 2011

flowery headband

A short and snappy entry this morning as I'm due out the door very shortly.

This headband was also short and snappy to make and used some leftover, probably vintage yarn I bought some years ago.  It was old then and had a wrapper stating kid mohair on it, a Woolworths name(!!) and it originally cost 2/6. The price in itself betrays its age as decimal currency came in  on 14/02/66. I bought ten balls from a Melbourne warehouse for $2.50.  I've used some in various bits and pieces.  I doubt it's kid mohair, it's not soft enough.

However this is  a  small something for Miss Ten  who is coming  with her brother and parents for lunch today.  The tiger toe socks below are for him.

The button is  also well and truly vintage from a bag of over a thousand which was given me by a friend.  His mum had been a dressmaker and these were what I would call stash.  As she died quite a few years ago and hadn't sewn for a long time before her death, I really can't put an age on the buttons but they are definitely quite old.

Friday, 22 April 2011

a picture is worth a thousand words

I haven't heard that saying for ages, but if it's true then this post should be several thousand words long. I'm hoping all will load today.

This is a very early morning shot of the city skyline from my balcony. I'm just starting to use my new camera again and have been fiddling with settings.  I have very little experience of this, so sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I've always had a point and shoot type of camera before.  Just before I moved I had bookmarked several sites on using it and was working my way through the manual.  Unfortunately, I forgot most of that when I moved and I was too tired at night to concentrate, so really I'm starting all over again.

This is my kitchen and my new coffee machine.  The door to the balcony is behind me.  The windows open to the atrium outside and the stove is hiding behind the fridge.  It has a gas cooktop and an electric oven and works pretty well, although the burners don't always light automatically despite a good clean.  Earlier this  week, I wondered why dinner was taking ages to be ready.  The fan forced element had died.  The stove is ten years old and these things are odd.  They can go quickly or last for years.  I'm experienced in replacing plug-in elements but this was different.  I rang a company in Canterbury where I had bought elements in the past.  That was 9:15 am.  It had been replaced by 12:15 the same day.  Cost $177 with a callout fee of $89.  Ouch!

Imperishable flowers!  I've found all sorts of things as I've unpacked.  I had silver dessert spoons of my own but this selection was in a box of Mum's stuff. They are all shapes and sizes.  I like the taller spoon in the group. It has an engraved handle and an unusual scooped bowl.  The spoon at the very front centre has no handle and is brass.  It's a jam spoon with an ornate etching on it.  Really,  there's a limit to how many such spoons one person can uses, so I put them in a small Orrefors vase and put them on my bedroom window sill where they catch the early sun.

                        The lounge room and doors to the balcony are shown here.  I bought a small circular glass table from IKEA and like it very much.  The chairs which I remembered as black leather and chrome came from Mum's dining room.  Still leather but it's brown and the frame is black.  Mum bought them many years ago and they have had a lot of use and still look as  good as new as they have been well made. DIL "lent"  me the lounge shown here.  It's leather and the wood is palm.  She had two three seater lounges like this and this two seater.  It was too much in her current lounge room, so I have benefited.

I love my new Bosch front loader washing machine.  It's super quiet and does a great job washing.  Even better, its spin is  superb and the clothes are well on the way to being dry when they come out of the machine.  I can set spin speed and water temperature and can also set it with a time delay start.  There is a lot of choice in cycles as well.  The dryer was here when I bought the place but I find things dry very quickly on  the balcony.

Part of my second  bedroom and boxes still unpacked.  To the immediate left is a large built-in wardrobe  which was built before I moved in.  Lots of drawers, hanging space, a big shelf at the top.  There are probably five boxes my sister brought down hidden in the the wardrobe.  My computer was  an "L" shape but I've undone it and put both pieces along the wall.  There are bookshelves to go in here and probably a sofa bed for grandchildren to sleep in.  The wall the computer is on is actually at an angle and the room is not a true rectangle.  That's because of the fire escape stairs which are on the other side of the wall.

Here's the early morning sun coming into the lounge room.  This morning was odd.  I would grab the cameras and the sun would disappear behind a cloud.  Just after taking this photo, it came out very strongly but had gone by the time I worked out settings on camera.

This is taken straight outside my  door.  Each floor has similar areas and there is a very large L-shaped roof garden with  a BBQ and tables and chairs for residents' use. Also a toilet is there.  I haven't been up there since I moved as I am currently using the lift because of  my injured toe and it doesn't go that far up.  I would need to use the fire escape stairs.

My front door and my oak desk given me by my grandmother when I was still in high school.  It wasn't new then.  Last year DIL's dad refurbished it for me and would take nothing for his work which he does as a hobby. The locksmith who changed the locks for me was impressed with the building standard through the block.  Apartment doors are true fire door standard and he said the frame was also the legally required strength.  He commented that many building have external door set into cheap and nasty frames which could be easily broken.  Not these.  Next to the fire doors is an alcove with an extinguisher and a fire hose and there are probably three of these on every floor.

Finally and a lot of words later, the view  down the other way.  Each floor has gardens all well cared for.  This looks the other way down to the lift and stairs. I came out the other morning and was met by the strong perfume of gardenia flowers.  There were probably about twenty flowers just opened in this area.

I see the sun here through my kitchen windows although it doesn't actually shine through them.  I have cover from the lift to my door and plenty of dry space to put any shopping  down while I manipulate the lock and the door catch handle.


Thursday, 21 April 2011

tiger, tiger, burning bright

At long last, I'm back.  I had been told that today was hopefully the day T.....a would switch things around at the exchange and I would have net access.  I came in just after lunch to give it a try and saw my new wireless router with lights ablaze and burning steadily.  So I called up a site and found it really was working.  I've been checking mail on my phone and sneaking the occasional peak at a few favoured sites.  However, the monthly allowance on phone for data is 100 meg.  Wireless plan gives me 100 Gig/month which is a ridiculous amount.  However other plans gave very much less for not much less expenditure so son and I went for the bigger amount.  No worries about downloading anything at that allowance.  Its ADSL2+ and from what I've seen is very fast indeed.

So some photos.This is about all I have knitted in the time I've been offline.  I'm calling these tiger stripes and they are for Master 5.  Some really old Patonyle and the very last of the hokey pokey sock wool from Needlefood.  His favourite colour is still orange but I think he'll be happy with the stripes here.  With him now at school,  they won't get as much wear during the week as the last pair I made, but I'm fairly sure they'll be used as bedsocks when it gets cold.  Last winter I found he was still wearing the socks made the previous year, even though  the heel flap then was under his instep.  I think  he'll like these.

Lots of photos now.  Looking back to my bedroom  window from the balcony.  I get lots of sun now but think that it won't shine directly in in summer as the sun will be higher.  I face north-east and get early morning sun across the three rooms which face that way, a bedroom either side of the lounge.  Lounge and kitchen are the one long room and the bathroom is behind the main bedroom.  There's only one common wall as I am at the end of the row next to the fire stairs which also lead up to a lovely, large roof garden where there were several parties over the Christmas/New Year holidays.

OK, I'm having trouble loading the photos so will try some more tomorrow.  It's very busy outside but I like it.  It was one of the things I liked about being even closer to the city than here.  However, to get what I have here, I would have paid another $80-100,000 and perhaps had a view of someone's bathroom window.  There is always something happening and something to watch.  The apartments are built around an atrium so front door opens on to that and they face out.  They are well kept and clean.  I'm on the second top floor of four.  Each level has gardens in the atrium and the whole of the garden areas are open to sun and rain.  I have plenty of cover from the lift or the stairs to my door.

I'm not all unpacked yet.  I have to buy bookcases so have many boxes still with books in them.  Clothes are unpacked but I want another set of drawers and also a sofa bed for the second bedroom which is quite a large room.  I was not expecting my sister to bring down eight large boxes of things from mum's place.  They are still to be opened and I hope there is less rubbish in them than in the boxes she gave me just after mum died.  I don't mind sentimental type things but truly there was a lot of rubbish I didn't even recognise which I think she passed off to me.

There have been few casualties  and little has been broken in the move and the earlier storage.  That is, apart from me.  I was here early in the morning on the day of the move and decided to do what I could while I waited.  I dropped a very heavy piece of metal bedframe on right big toe and several others.  I nearly passed out from the pain.  I think I broke big toe and the others were badly bruised.  I have badly damaged the nail on the big toe, perhaps causing permanent damage.  The nail is barely hanging on in the centre and is loose all round.  I'll spare you the photos.  Sons and DIL are privately concerned but told me off for being too independent.

I have a bus down main road outside and another just around the corner.  When toe is recovered I can walk to FiveDock shops quite easily.  There are lots of good delis and bakeries there as there is a large Italian population in the area.