Thursday, 5 May 2011

more than a week

There has been some knitting but really, who's interested in seeing a slowly growing triangle  of the start of another Aestlight shawl?  I found some 5 ply wool dye in a mix of pale green and white and am using it up.  Yarn was bought at a Spinners and Weavers Open Day at Burwood, NSW some years ago. and unfortunately, while the weight is given there's no indication of length.  So a small Aestlight has been commenced, but it's a bit like watching paint dry to see an increase.

My son has put a picture of  grandson on the family Flick'r page.  He's wearing the tiger toes socks shown below a bit.  I can't link to it as the photos are private, a group family project.   Nor can I copy it. He's wearing Shrek pyjamas, bright green and then the socks with their bright orange stripes. A really good look fashionwise!  All complimented by the crewcut given him by his hairdresser mum because he took  his small, blunt scissors to his own hair and made a horrible mess.  Apparently my guess to size was pretty good and these have good room allowed without being sloppy.  He loves wearing bed socks and sleeps better with them.  Cold feet must wake him up.  I'm the opposite and always end up shedding the socks if I ever try wearing them.

So I've compensated with a picture of one of life's pleasures.  My second cup of coffee in the morning.  That's my limit for the day.  It's taken on my glass dining table which gives the delightful background of plain grey carpet.  I'll not do that again quickly.  I cropped the picture or you could also see multiple chair legs and frames through the glass.  I enjoy my coffee, I'm not really a tea drinker and it tastes so good that I often refuse to buy coffee when shopping as I know I can easily do much better than many baristas.  A good deal more cheaply too than buying at a coffee shop.


2paw said...

What a happy picture you paint, scissor ravaged hair notwithstanding!!
There's nothing like knitting, not knowing how it will end!! The Aestlight is a very pretty pattern.
How nice to be able to make your own fabulous cup of coffee!!

Lynne said...

Ah children, they never fail to amuse, do they?

Like last week, GS#1 dancing on the small coffee table. We should have told him to get off but it was so funny!

BTW, gey carpet is a great neutral background but I agree all the legs could be a bit distracting! LOL