Monday, 6 June 2011

never smile at a a crocodile

 Actually, in this case, never smile at an alligator.  An alligator was the avatar of an admin on an internet board I frequent.  She died very suddenly, most unexpectedly, several months ago, and a group of us is collaborating on a memorial banner.  Some have embroidered some of her famous to us sayings.  Others have done something else and I'm knitting alligators to go on the banner.  This is the first, and I've emailed a picture to the co-ordinator of the project.  It's about the right size I think, but I really want to shorten the legs a bit.  They seem out of proportion but I followed the pattern.

Some of the last of the Bendigo Melody.  A child's hat, recipient unknown at the moment.  I'll put it into the charity/gift box for the moment.  It will warm someone's head soon.

Speaking of's very pleasant inside and it was meant to reach only 16° today.  I have a long sleeve top on, but it's not thick.  I'm warm.  However, I went down to check the mail just before this entry.  It was chilly outside and when I opened the south facing doors to the letterboxes, I  had to push the heavy door against a very strong wind.  Very cold outside the block.

Finally, just because I can, a shot of the inside fire stairs near my end of the block.  There are stairs each end of the block on every floor as well as the stairs which some use  instead of the lift.  I was experimenting with my new camera again.  The colours are fairly accurate as the light bulbs are  yellowy.  The concrete is raw on the stairs and the tiles are a deep cream to mustard.  Clicking will enlarge.  I like the way the colour of the rails at the top is echoed right at the bottom of the stairs.

The stairs lead up to a roof garden as well as to outside in an emergency.  I spent quite a bit of time up there last Friday when it was  sunny, experimenting with aperture etc on the camera.  Some worked, some didn't.


Lynne said...

Am I allowed to agree with you about the legs?

I love the idea of the collaborative effort for the memorial banner - I'm sure "she" would ahve appreciated it.

You're blessed to be warm; it's freezing inside our house but I haven't been able to justify (to myself) turning on ducted air-con for lil ol' me when I'm sitting in one room! But, it's five o'clock now so I will turn it on just to take the chill out of the house - that takes about thirty minutes then we turn it off again! I know, perhaps I should have done it earlier!

Melinda said...

Glad you're keeping warm in these cold days :)

Aussie Maria said...

Fire stairs necessity, but oh how I hated coming from the 14th floor to the ground when the alarm went off :-(
What a lovely memorial/tribute it sounds

Jackie said...

I love the stairs photo! And the alligator is SO cute! I can't wait to see photos of the finished result once everybody has done their bit.

Thank you so much for the comment on my blog :)