Thursday, 30 June 2011

please grandma

I received a text yesterday purporting to come from  Miss Six.  It said Please grandma, make me some more which cover my fingers!

I made these last year from some scraps and they didn't take long.  I don't know what she's done to the one on her left hand.  Did she chew it while in the car as she is now?  Did the cat claw it?  Or perhaps the dog played with it.  Who knows?  They are certainly too small for her now.

Next week she and her older sister  who turned nine yesterday will be here for several days.  I think I'll make them when she's here and i can try as I knit.

I am not a quilter.  I did make  a couple of small quilts many years ago and I know people who do beautiful quilts and two who have many prizes for their quilts. So far however, quilting holds no attraction for me to do myself.  I bought this quilt, it's silk and not heavy.  I bought it for the colours and I tried this photo for its colours.  I find that red and sometimes purple is difficult to get accurately.  However, I'm pleased how this has turned out.  I can see the sheen of the silk and I'm quite happy with the colours.  I take some photos pretty well everyday, so perhaps am gradually learning something.  It's very grey outside although my bedroom has lots of white and light.

The green is my Kindle which had just finished charging.  I'm currently reading The Bell by Iris Murdoch on the Kindle.  If it's not wet tomorrow, I plan on walking up the road opposite to join the local library.  It's a branch but close.  The main library in a neighbouring suburb has just re-opened after a major construction job involving the old Town Hall, council offices and library and the shopping mall.  I'll get there soonish I hope.


Lynne said...

Yes, Grandma, I think it's time for a new pair!

Lovely quilt.

Have fun with the grand-daughters.

Melinda said...

Lovely for your knitted items to be so needed!!

2paw said...

Oh dear, that poor mitten. It is all very 21st Century at your house. Your quilt is gorgeous and yes, red and purple and some blues are just so hard to capture, you and your new camera are doing a fine job. Oh, love the green Kindle!!