Thursday, 7 July 2011

bo-peep's mittens

Two small granddaughters have been staying with me all week till tomorrow.  So new fingerless gloves or mittens as they have been calling them are in order.

The pair on the left are for Miss Six.  They are a mix of alpaca and silk from  Bendigo Mills, very pleasant to knit.  Actually a deep purple colour.

Those on the left are for Miss just Nine.  No prizes for guessing her favourite colour.  These are Bendigo alpaca which I had.

They are a better fit than shown, although I have allowed for growth in the purple pair.  They were about to leave this morning and just threw them on , sat down and were up again.  No time  for window dressing of any sort.  Still, these cover their fingers and will be warm.


Lynne said...

Lucky girls - a holiday with Grandma and new gloves!

Hope you all had a good week (have a rest now, Jan!)

Bells said...

oh cute! How timely. I just got a request for little girl mittens today. I think they'll be fast and easy!

2paw said...

They look lovely!! I am glad you had a wonderful week and they will have snuggly warm hands now!!