Friday, 22 July 2011

rain, rain, go away

It's still raining here and looks as if it will never stop.  It rained without stopping for 18 hours yesterday that I can vouch for, probably longer.  Parts of Sydney have also had strong winds and a large gum tree fell on a school classroom.  Very fortunately, no one was injured.

I made these for my sister.  A quick easy knit from here, and the pattern is also on Ravelry.  More vintage buttons from my stash.  The mitts are made in Bendigo Celeste, merino/alpaca/silk.  I find it pleasant to use.  She lives on North Coast of NSW and yesterday I sent her an email saying I had made these as part of an early birthday present.  She was thrilled and called it spooky, because on Wednesday which was when I started these, she had decided she just had to get something like this.  She'd been typing in the cold wearing gloves which worked, but she couldn't use the trackball with gloves on.

I told her that I would post them to her today if the weather eased, otherwise it would be next week.  It did ease, so I rugged up and caught the bus.  I was far too hot in the shopping centre with my jacket on  but managed to get her parcel and the cowl for friend in NZ posted.  Came out and it was tumbling down again.  Went to bus stop and a cab pulled up in front of me, so I hopped in and came home.  I would have been another 40 minutes if I had waited for  the bus.

Now for  something somewhat more cheerful than the weather.  Some more of the cockatoos of a couple of days ago.  This time I've used a small collage from Picnik which is an editor you can use in your browser without having to instal a program.  It has the facility to round the edges of the photos and to regulate the separation between photos in the collage.  Lots of collage possibilities, too.

I've been inside for nine days now and really had to get out for a while.  Cabin fever was developing.  I stayed in three days last week because TPG  had arranged for a T*lstra technician to call to check their lines.  He came last Friday, late afternoon, quite unannounced.  Not at all unusual for that mob. Then I developed a nasty cold and with the cold and wet weather and the cold itself, I have been inside.

#1 son's ankle has another almost three weeks in plaster before specialised physio and much work on his part.  The surgeon says his ankles are stronger than anywhere else in his body now.

Not to be outdone, middle son is right now having surgery on his thumb.  Left hand, fortunately.  He took up soccer about four years ago and plays in a district team and enjoys it.  Never was the sporty type but he's now done a triathlon, much walking and biking and soccer.  He's also entered in this year's City to Surf run next month so he's a bit of a late developer.  LOL.

Last Saturday he fell over at soccer and the thumb was the first part of him to make contact with the ground.  Result?  One broken bone and several floating bone chips.  He tried local ER and it was bandaged.  The path mapped out by them would have taken several weeks  so he was given a referral by his own doctor to a hand specialist, apparently one of the best in Sydney.  Day surgery today  and probably $2000 out of pocket even after top cover is taken into account.  Still, it's done, on the mend and done by a hand specialist orthopaedic guy.

I have warned #3 son to be very careful.  Enough is enough.


Lynne said...

The rain has been trying, hasn't it? I had to remind myself yesterday that rainbows were created to remind us of a promise! Otherwise I think I would have started building a boat!

Hope your sister loves the fingerless gloves - I don't know what I would do without mine when typing in cold weather.

Wishing Sons #1 and #2 a speedy recovery and the best of health to Son #3.

2paw said...

I am very sorry it is still raining, there has been so much rain this year, it is unnatural. I love the mitts, I have added the pattern to my queue, they are so nice!! A very kind and thoughtful gift.
Keep Son #3 wrapped in cotton wool!! Hope #1 and #2 are recovered anon!!