Friday, 5 August 2011

let there be light

This lamp is brilliant.  These are navy blue socks in Patonyle.  Very navy blue.  In the last few weeks I've been trying to work at  night with dark green wool and black as  well as this dark blue.  You can see from the photo how clearly and evenly the stitches are lit on the needles.  Prior to this light, even the bamboo light coloured needles made little difference to howI saw the knitting.  Not any more.

I find the  light pleasant to my eyes as well as being bright.  I'm sure the light will be very useful for reading and other close work too.  It costs next to nothing to run, although it certainly wasn't cheap to buy.  However, discomfort and eyestrain and headaches all cost something even if not quantified  financially.

Two more pictures of the Chimei lamp, one side on, the other from the front. It has a heavy base so would not be very easy to knock over.  I like the sleek, dynamic design too.  The on/off switch is in the base at the front in the centre, easy to find and operate.

The light is in a  flattened area at the top about as long as my hand from fingertip to wrist.  Although that part doesn't swivel by itself, the whole lamp can be twisted to different angles bot of the focus of the light and of the bend of the  flexi part.  It reminded me of the bendy figures my sons had as toys when they were small.

When it was being packed up for sale the salesman apologised as he could no find the box.  This particular one had been part of a display.  He bent the whole lamp almost doubled over  so he could wrap it well.  It not only doubled up but could have been twisted like a  rope.  However when opened out it's quite sturdy.

As you can see, I'm pleased with my purchase.


2paw said...

It is a great light and makes such a difference. It will be much easier on your eyes!!

Lynne said...

What a great buy, Jan; but now you'll have no excuse not to be doing something at night!! LOL