Friday, 11 November 2011

106 years and still knitting!

I saw news of a man who was 106 years old and still knitting.  He lives at home and mostly looks after himself.  "He knits," said the newsreader, " and credits knitting with keeping his brain active."  Evidence of his knitting could be seen in the many rugs he had made which covered the lounge and other chairs.  He said he knitted every day.

Yesterday I went to my grandchildren's school for Grandparents' Day.  Lots of people there, more each year, so the principal said.  Each group of classes performed an item and we looked in the class rooms.

My son is still off work after the mugging, although he's improving, so he picked me up from the station.  School is in the western suburbs and I don't know my way around there well.

After morning tea, I made my way out to Penrith where Lynnehad taken me a couple of weeks ago to have tapestries framed.  They were ready to be picked up.  I'm really happy with the results and may try a couple of photos later.  Not sure how they'll turn out as each is wrapped in cellophane.

Right now, installers for my airconditioner are due.  They were  supposed to be here two days ago, but had a job to finish which had been interrupted by rain last week.  I'm having it in the bedroom only so I can use it on those nights when sleep is hard because of the heat.  I can cope during the day and we almost always have a breeze here.


Lynne said...

I'm looking forward to attending things like grandparents' day! In all my years of primary school teaching, we never once hosted such a thing!

Hope M. gets well soon and is able to get back to "normal" life.

catsmum said...

what a wonderful story - thanks for sharing

2paw said...

I think crosswords, green tea and curry have also been recommended. But really, they say any activity which exercises and challenges your brain is good, and knitting can certainly do that. Hope your son is feeling back to normal soon. I am looking forward to seeing your framed tapestries!!