Wednesday, 30 November 2011

c'est fini!

November 30 and tout est fini for NaBloPoMo.  Two days missed only and no guilt felt.

So to celebrate, here's a peaceful picture taken from the rail bridge over the Hawkesbury.  The road bridge is out of site further down the river.  Despite all the rain of last week, the river was relatively clear.  Rain usually turns the river to a muddy brown.  Mid-field are the pylons originally put in place  for another bridge.  Small boats often anchor in the lee of these while the owner fishes out of the breeze.

And not only is NaBloPoMo finished but my vest with hood from Jussi's pattern is almost finished.  I've joined the shoulders in a three needle bind off and have picked up around the neck for the hood.  I'm about a third of the way up it.  Then there are ends to finish off, a couple of buttons to find from my stash to hold back and front together at the sides and then to wash and block and post.  This is for a much longed for little boy who was born a few days ago after many years of heartbreak for his parents and many miscarriages.  They live in England and I doubt this will be delivered before Christmas, but I wasn't planning that.  I also bought, in Coles of all places, Jackie French's Diary of a Wombat to send and I'll keep my eyes open for her tale of the wombat baby.   The hardcover edition of Diary of a Wombat was $15 which I seem to remember was cheap after the last one I bought a while ago.


Lynne said...

Congratulations. 93.3333 percent! HD! (tee-hee - a teacher joke).

2paw said...

Oh, I bought that book for Toddler Electric, MrsDrWho pointed out he gorgeous facial expressions on all the animals and it cam with a tiny wombat toy. Well done on all your blogging, and on not feeling guilty!!