Tuesday, 29 November 2011

a conversation with my grandson

Setting the scene.

My son and his family live next  door to a large open area with playing fields.  Grandson, kindergarten age, and I were stand-in near their fence.  A large open drainage ditch runs along fence and crosses under the road in a pipe.  Not a large pipe but small, about half a metre in diameter.  The soil here is very sandy and water sinks through it very quickly and the ditch is very wide, so I think the volume of rain needed to put water in that pipe would be tremendous.


"Grandma.  Can you see that pipe?  I could go through  it and come out on the other side.  Then the cars couldn't run me over."

"I don't think that's a very good idea.  Pipes like that can be dangerous."


"Well, one little boy went into  a pipe and a lot of water came down it and he drowned."

"Oh.  Was he deaded?"

"Yes, unfortunately."

"Well, perhaps I won't go there.   Anyway, it's dark and there might be spiders."

He has an abnormal  fear of spiders as does his mother.  I didn't want to encourage the fear, but also didn't want him  near  that pipe.

Non-committally I said, "There could be spiders, I suppose."

"Really big, big spiders, I think," he said, spreading his fingers to show the size.  "Spiders with nine legs."

"Now you know, spiders have eight legs."

"Oh, but grandma, the really big spiders have nine legs.  They have an extra leg to hold up their head."

I could see this conversation was going nowhere fast so we went to play on the swings.

Answer for Cindy.  Yes, Woy Woy was  where Spike Milligan's mother lived and he went there fairly often.  He called it "the largest above ground cemetery on earth," although apparently this term has been used of other places too according to Google.  Woy Woy has changed.  It's now Taree and Forster further north known as death's waiting room, and Woy Woy has many young families there now.  it's within commuting distance from Sydney, has beaches close by, and houses are much cheaper than Sydney.


Lynne said...

If you were speaking of the three-year-old who drowned last week, that happened in my mum's home town (population 1300) while we were stuck in Moree!

As parents and grandparents we need to be so vigilant where water is concerned; I know how fast OG moves - it's scary! And after seeing the flooded river rushing through Moree last weekend, I need to take a deep breath and relax as I think of what could happen (and, of course, there were children playing in the water covering streets and low-lying bridges!).

2paw said...

Thanks Jan, I had some nagging idea about Wo yWoy!! Yes, I think that was a conversation that was veering wildly off the road. I do agree with his nine leg theory though!!