Wednesday, 9 November 2011

ear plugs

Do you think woollen earplugs might have a niche market?  Which would be better, knitted or crocheted?

I may be only joking, but I could have used something all day yesterday.  The road is noisy to a degree but no worse than what I've lived with on North Shore of Sydney next to the Pacific Highway.

However yesterday was bad.  Down in the parking area outside were several trucks all day.  One looked like a small tanker and had a long hose and noisy motor.  It worked alongside a huge drill drilling chunks out of the pavement and tarred area. The small tanker was  actually a vacuum cleaner.  When one hole had been drilled workers moved in with another noisy truck to do something in the hole while the first two appliances moved  elsewhere and started over again.

This went on all day apart from a break for lunch.  They were forced to stop after 5:00pm when a heavy thunderstorm moved in.

However, the storm brought its own problems.  In the courtyard area on each floor are smoke alarms in addition to what is in  each apartment.  Probably spaced at one outside alarm for every two front doors. Either the storm or a creepy crawly set off not mine but the next one down.  Definitely no smoke, no fire.  A high pitched scream which lasted over an hour.  It then eased slightly and occasionally stopped.  But only for about ten seconds before it was off again.

If I had had a stronger broom, I would have given it a good whack.  However there are stickers near every alarm warning of electrocution  as they are wired in.  I did have a substantial pole which would probably have disabled it.  The pole was metal and I didn't fancy finding out about the electrocution warning the hard way.

It gradually subsided .  I don't know if someone was able to disconnect it or just what action was taken and then there was blissful silence.  I had been contemplating sleeping at son's and DIL's which is easily accessible.  Then I remembered it's fruit and veg delivery today and I would need to be up very early to get back here just in case delivery came early.  I'd just decided I could sleep on sofa bed in spare room with the  door shut as an extra layer against the sound when there was quiet.

So 8 ply do you think and multiple sizes?  Must get paper and pencil out for a design.  LOL.

I actually am still keeping to one post a day for November.  This was scheduled for November 8th, but somehow didn't post.


Lynne said...

They might get a bit warm as the weather heats up! It was so muggy out here yesterday!

Hope there's a lot less extra noise near you today.

2paw said...

Knitted or crocheted, and then felted I think. I know my fiends have gel ones that somehow expand gently to fill your ear hole!! We've had a grinder all day and a chain saw all yesterday. I'm not used to the noise either!!