Thursday, 10 November 2011

it was a dark and stormy night

It was indeed a dark and stormy night.  Hang on, this is November and it wasn't  yet 5:00 pm.

After a very hot day on Tuesday, the storm moved in again.  We missed the worst here on Monday night but it was a cracker of a storm on Tuesday afternoon. It arrived almost without warning and lights came on everywhere.  Huge claps of thunder and I wondered if my computer was OK.  For very many years I've been used to the computers in the house being on a  separate circuit to anything else and equipped with heavy duty surge protector.  However, all seems well.

I set my camera to the multiple photos setting and snapped half a dozen in a few seconds as I moved across the screen.  The last shows how heavy the rain was, particularly when the time is taken into account.

Things cleared up for a while but we had it return twice but not with such severity.


Lynne said...

It was quite the opposite here: on Monday we had so much rain that WM had to go to DD's house due to water flooding her garage and sunroom (extension). On Tuesday we had wind, three minutes of spotty rain and that was it! It's strange to think that, as the crow flies, we are not that far apart in the same city!

2paw said...

We had electrical storms this week and last and then torrential rain (35mm in an hour or so). Your photos are great and yes, thank goodness for surge protection!!!