Monday, 21 November 2011


So I've missed another day.  I'm actually quite relaxed about this and not worried.  When I did Blogtoberfest a couple of times, I really felt pressure, applied by me to me, to make sure I posted every day.  This time I decided no pressure.  All effort made but too bad if I miss a day.  I'm competitive but compete against myself.  When doing assignments and exams there was a minimum mark below which I would not let myself go.  Mind you, that mark was always in the High Distinction range!  I didn't worry about others' marks, but mine had to be in the realms acceptable to me.  But this time round, no pressure and here we are November 21, not many days till December.

This mandevilla  flower was given to me by my mother, possibly about ten years ago.  It's moved three times recently as I have.  It had been at DIL's but her thumbs are brown and when the weather began to get hot, she was horrified it might die, so she brought it over.  It's  a climber but as it's in a pot it has not grown much at all, perhaps some stems are about 1.5 metres.  It was  healthy looking but not really happy.  It's been here about three weeks and has already decided this is home and it's produced about a dozen flowers.  It probably gets more regular water than it did at DIL's.

This nodding violet or whatever its real name is came from a  cutting I took from a holiday house at Pearl Beach many years ago.  Lots of cuttings have come from that piece and this is growing around the base of the mandevilla.  It doesn't take much to keep this plant happy.  A bit of sunshine and some water.

My Transatlantic shawl grows, but slowly.  I'm very happy with it but will do some more as I have plenty of wool.


Lynne said...

What a bright happy flower to greet you each day!

2paw said...

I don't know that flower but it is beautiful. It is nice to have a plant with memories associated. I have black thumbs!!!
I have learned there are no Blog Police too, I missed says for my SSS and it turns out, life goes on, but at College and Uni if I didn't get an HD, it was the end of the world. I always got HDs, so it was OK!!