Friday, 4 November 2011


Blogger decided  for me to give me a new look to the blog.  I carefully saved my template and settings.  I've been caught out before in this sort of thing.  Then I started exploring.  I didn't find anything I really, really was happy with, so decided to restore things while I looked some more.

Alas and alack!  My carefully restored template was no longer acceptable.  According to the comment made, it had errors in it.  I'm surprised it worked for so long !

I'll leave this for a while, it may grow on me and then I'll have another look and experiment a bit with  colours etc.  I know a bit of HTML and did design a few basic sites, but that was years ago.

So, to my title, Mastercrafts .  I've been watching this series with Monty Don at 6:00 pm on Channel 2.  Last one is next week, November 10th.  The craft featured in that will be stone masonry.
Each week three apprentices are shown the basics of a different craft by a master in that craft.  Tonight's was weaving.  In a few weeks of intensive tuition they learn the basics and then produce a piece judged by other experts.  I've been amazed at what can be produced.  Tonight's was on weaving.  Beautiful cloth, although I could easily identify with the one apprentice who had major problems getting around the working of the loom.
The crafts are centuries old ones, thatching, woodwork, stained glass.  The show gives glimpses of old examples.  The tapestries woven and shown tonight were breathtaking in their skill and beauty and also in the time and effort expended now to restore colours and damage.
I've always liked the feeling of knitting as being connected with the past.  Socks and shawls especially nurture that feeling for me.  Old patterns are being restored and followed and re-interpreted for today.
The craft  continues and we hand it on.


2paw said...

I have been saving Mastercrafts but I did see the middle of last night's episode. It was fascinating and they were so clever. I am dying to see the beginning and the end of the show. I couldn't believe the excellence they achieved!!
I know less than nothing about HTML, but your old blog template worked really well for me. Fancy Blogger just deciding you couldn't have it back.

Lynne said...

I have been taping Mastercrafts and have only seen the thatching episode so far. It looks like a great series as is Lost Gardens (also with Monty Don) - a pity that the "latest series" was a repeat of the earlier one!

Did you get an email from Blogger today about a new "dynamic look" for your blog?