Tuesday, 15 November 2011

missed a day

I missed a day at NaBloPoMo. I've been trotting along quite reasonably and not letting any pressure get to me.  That was one reason I didn't do Blogtoberfest.  However, this morning, I realised I missed a day.

I put that down to heat affected brain.  Well, that's my excuse.  It was 38° C here yesterday which is very hot for this area.  I expect that further west, not so much here.

I had some things to deliver to my brother so went into the city  by bus. I'm glad I allow time for the vagaries of the buses here.  This one was nine minutes early!  Late often, but early and by that much?  It would have been quite possible that the next was late by the same amount.  Found his office and sat in foyer in air conditioned comfort.

We had lunch together and I walked back to Town Hall where fortunately there was only a minute to wait for the bus.  It was an old bus and quite hot.  Two blocks down the road from my stop the bus broke down.  As I said it was an old bus, very rattly and generally run  down.  The folding front doors refused to close.  The driver lifted and banged and opened and shut the back door, but front door remained open.  The bus would not go with the door open, so we all piled out, fortunately into the shade of a shop awning.

I wondered what to do.  I really could have walked home.  However, there's no shade at all in those couple of blocks and it was very hot.  I felt guilty about it, but when an empty cab came up the side street, I got in.  It  took about two minutes to get home and cost me $6.50.  I guess most of that was flag fall charge.  Extravagant really, but I just could not face the walk home in the sun and the heat.


Lynne said...

I'm glad you nmade it home safely and that you were able to spend a little time with your brother.

I went to quilting class, Spotlight and The Sewing Machine Warehouse and got home about 3pm. It was so windy I decided not to open the windows and turned the air-con on for the first time in months! I had to switch it from "heat" to "cool"! LOL

Rachel said...

Re my post - Thanks Jan, much brighter colours in real life. I hadn't thought about either, but wanted a border with other colours and it's just what came to mind. Means I'll have get some foam rubber specially cut now, only way I can think to fill it to get the shape. Thanks for the framer info. I wouldn't worry about the taxi ride much better than being heat stressed. That is hot for in town.

2paw said...

I think it was a very sensible idea and worth every cents to escape the heat and the broken down bus.
I think you are allowed a few get out of jail free days!!!