Sunday, 27 November 2011

more knitting

I've finished the front of Jussi's vest pattern and am well up the back.  So I should be, it's only a baby size.  I think the trouble with the shawl was that it went on and on and still has more to go.  Because I wasn't knitting anything else, there were no finished objects and I had forgotten the good feeling that they give and the encouragement to continue which comes with finishing something.

Today's gratuitous photo is the storm water canal down here which drains into Parramatta Rive about two kilometres downstream.  It's usually nothing more than a trickle where the local birds drink.  I took this photo about 8:30 this morning after 24 hours without rain although it had been wild before  then.

It's about 5 metres across and quite deep.

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2paw said...

So much rain. I want to think it is a good thing, but here we worry that the extra growth will be dried out by the Summer Sun. I think knitting a little things is a good idea, I loved making the little dolly's cardi. I expect your project is just a little bigger!!!