Monday, 28 November 2011

November 28

Two more days after this entry and it will be December!  I've missed writing on two days so far and hope to make the last two without missing any more.

I went to Central Coast today for DIL to give me a haircut.  It was much needed and I feel better for it.  I took my knitting but did none as I have had a very sore shoulder for a day or so.

On the return trip there were only about eight of us in the top of the carriage.  This is most unusual at that time of day.  There are often few seats spare.

Suddenly, the man over the aisle from me sneezed very loudly and unexpectedly.  All of us, including him, got a surprise.  From down the carriage another man said loudly, "Bless you."  The sneezer replied, "Thank you."  To which the unidentified man said, "You're welcome."  I could feel everyone of us smiling.

One of life's little civilities.

The picture is taken after emerging from the tunnel near Woy  Woy at the end of the inlet of the Hawkesbury River.


2paw said...

I love politeness and consideration. I love the way cars pull over for the emergency vehicles, or when people hold the door open. Glad your haircut made you feel happy!! Woy Woy is a good name, is that where Spike Milligna(the well known typing error) lived, or his mum??
I can't believe the month is almost over, it can't be December already???

Lynne said...

I thought of you as I passed through there yesterday - when I saw the sign to Pearl Beach and Patonga!