Thursday, 24 November 2011

one week to go

Counting today, there's one week of NaBloPoMo to go.   That's good but the scary thing is that will then be December.  I've missed two days so far, but as far as I can see, the sky hasn't fallen or anything else catastrophic  like that and I'm not guilt ridden about the omission..

Blogging daily like this is a discipline.  Another discipline I have so far been successful in following is Project 365.  Link will take you to my pictures but there are thousands there from others too. I first heard of this just after I bought the Nikon DSLR and decided to try to do this as a good way of learning.  I have now posted a photo every day for 211 days!  I find this hard to believe.  Not all have been taken on the Nikon, some are phone photos, but I have done this.  That leaves 154 more days to complete the year.  It's been good for me to do this.  I've learnt heaps about using the camera, I've taken some really great shots and had others fail spectacularly.

It's made me aware of different angles to take photos from and also to see things in a different light.  Each week there is a theme, this week is "patterns."  Themes are like prompts, not compulsory, but it's amazing just where I have found patterns this week.  Seeing shots by really good photographers is inspiring and forums are a help with problems.

I heard today from my friend in Canada.  Her parcel of baby things and other bits and pieces arrived yesterday.  Pretty slow going.   She loved everything in it so that was good.   I've been thinking I might do a couple of things for her boys from Jussi's baby patterns which are both cute and practical.

It's about the temperatures here to dig out the knitted garments.  Wet, windy and cold.  It was 11 &dg;C at 6:00 pm at my brother's place on the North Shore the other night.  This is November.  Yesterday it poured all day.  Today has been 50/50 wet/dry.  Still, I think I would rather have this than a heatwave.


2paw said...

I am glad you are taking the missed days in your stride: there really are no Blogging Police for these things!!
Oh you have done so well with the daily pictures, before you know it the year will be up. Sometimes having a suggestion or guideline is easer than thinking of things yourself.
It's been warm here, not too arm, but not really knitting weather.

Lynne said...

It rained all the way to Bingara last Wednesday - I'm glad I wasn't driving! Only took nearly 12 hours!! The rain started again on Thursday afternoon (after we booked into the motel), mum's op was Friday and she had to see the specialist on Saturday; the road was closed at midnight so we were trapped in Moree for two more days. I finally forced mum to leave on Monday even though I thought I had to make a 600km to travel 119km! (Fortunately I didn't!) It was trying to rain when I got off the train from Bingara this afternoon but I'm so glad to be home I don't care!!