Monday, 7 November 2011

SES week

I have just seen that from November 7-13 is designated as SES week.

One of my daughters-in-law has been a member for over five years now and I have seen some of what they do.  She trains every week for some hours at night and has special compulsory training weekends.  There are specific courses for various emergencies and members are examined for their proficiency in handling the emergency.

As safety is important to both the volunteers and those actually involved in the emergency, SES volunteers must operate with what each has been trained to do.  So no roof or chainsaw work etc if untrained in those areas.  There is even training in driving particular vehicles, although the volunteer may already hold an ordinary license.

When the call goes out for help. out come the volunteers and they usually stay till no longer needed. If emergency is on a large scale, then help from other divisions is called in.  DIL spent a long time on house roofs after a huge storm some years ago.  They fixed an extraordinary number of tarpaulins and plastic sheeting over leaking roofs.  She's been out for days in floods, operating boats, carrying people and supplies etc.

So a huge thank you to all those involved here.  Dirty, dangerous work often, performed for others.  Thank you too to all involved in similar work, ambulance people and paramedics, fire engine crews, RFS volunteers, St John Ambulance volunteers, police, electricity workers restoring power after storms.  I'm sure there are some I haven't covered.


Lynne said...

I agree. A huge thank you to all emergency workers - paid and volunteer.

2paw said...

They do a fabulous job- once in a storm down the West Coast they tied my roof down to stop it flying off.