Saturday, 5 November 2011

transatlantic progress

A couple of photos today.  I was up quite early today and had washing out before 7:00.  This picture of the sky was taken not long after 6:00 am.  It's sunrise about 5:45 now, but there was still quite a bit of cloud around, so the clouds are just beginning to colour from the sun.  I hope the sun comes out properly so the washing dries quickly.  I've changed my bed too as I must have scratched my leg somehow and there was a bit of blood I noticed as I was making it.  So off came the bedding and all was changed.

I once saw someone ask what would they do if they had loads of money.  One sign of luxury for me would be to to have someone make the bed everyday with fresh sheets.  Of course, I wouldn't have to deal with the laundry side of that either.  So a lovely fresh bed to look forward to tonight.

The other picture is progress on the transatlantic shawl.  It is suggested that the ends of the shawl could be woven through  the enormous buttonholes.  I have the last buttonhole to make, the smallest of the three, in another four rows.  I wasn't planning on making the buttonholes, I was quite happy with the centre detail of the shawl, but decided to be different.  Why not do them?  Why not indeed. No good reason, so there they are.  The buttonhole edge will have a crochet chain to stabilise it and to add a bit of contrast.  I'll do that at the end.


Lynne said...

You were up early - I got up at 7:30 (load of washing just about to go on the line) and the house is now stirring around me. Older Grandson is "demanding" breakfast from his Grandad but, by the sounds of things, is still half-asleep. DD and YG are still asleep but who knows how many times he woke her during the night? We are planning to go to the local monthly Farmers' Market when everyone is ready!

2paw said...

Oh yes, the special joy of fresh bed-linen can't be underestimated.
Oh, I see what the buttonholes are for now. I wasn't aware that they could be used at all!! I am not up with shawl design features at all.