Wednesday, 9 November 2011

what a surprise

I was not long home this afternoon from taking refuge in the shopping centre away from drills outside and ill-temperd  smoke alarms outside my front door.  When the buzzer rang.

It was my ever so not friendly Australia Post courier.  When I went downstairs I found a large heavy package to sign for.  I'm very glad I was home to take delivery.  I wouldn't want to deal with this by collecting at the Post Office.

I am not due any orders so wondered what it was.  A gift from the company which deals with Kitchenaid appliances, not the retailer but the wholesaler.  I'd seen some mail in my Spam folder lst week.  Gmail is fairly good with diverting spam and I knew I hadn't ordered anything, so ignored it.

It was this cutlery set which feels really good in the hand.  Eight pieces of everything plus salad servers and teaspoon which aren't shown in the picture.  Separate soup spoons and both dessert forks and spoons and bread and butter knives.  I left behind a very classy and comfortable set when I walked out, thinking I could get something.  Well, I did buy something, but the knives are hard to use.

A lovely surprise.


Lynne said...

It looks very nice - timeless and elegant.

2paw said...

Oh what a lovely surprise. I think the kind of AP people you get is a lottery. We tend to have nice posties and PO people.