Saturday, 17 December 2011

before and after

Here are my pieces of beef with prosciutto for tomorrow's Christmas family lunch.  Before and after.  I carefully spread the spinach, cashew and parmesan dip on the top, although I think almost any flavour would have gone with this, wrapped it in the prosciutto and fastened it at the back with toothpicks.   Not really mentioned in the recipe, but it seemed to need something to hold it together.

The recipe called for a 1.5 kg fillet of beef.  The larger of these pieces was 800 gm.  Instead of roasting at 200° C for 45 minutes I used 190° for just barely 30 minutes.  Since replacing fan element in my oven, I think it runs hotter, so I have to make adjustments.

It smelt amazing as it cooked.  I'd had breakfast but enjoyed the smell of the prosciutto cooking.  As I took it out of the oven to rest, a piece of crunchy broke off, all by itself (yes, really!)  It was very nice.  I'll let it get quite  cold and decide then whether to slice it here or take it in a couple of big pieces.  I think unsliced would probably make an easier journey than sliced  which might fall apart  if not carried carefully.

My brother usually brings a terrine, often duck, so I decided  to be fancy this year.  His terrines which he makes himself, are always beautiful and one year he gave us a container of duck fat for roasting vegetables.  They were amazingly good.  I see that Coles now sells small tubs of duck fat in the meat cabinet near where they sell duck fillets.  It's really good for roasts.


Anonymous said...

Yum! That looks amazing. Wish I could get duck fat here, I've done potatoes in it before when we could get duck breasts and they were wonderful.
Have a lovely family gathering.

Lynne said...

That looks lovely. Hope you all had a wonderful time - without the rain! I didn't go to our family do but everyone seems to have enjoyed it.

Gillian said...

Hello Jan, Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a message. I love the look of those steaks. I must admit that meat in England is a shocking price but it was on its way up in Oz when I left five years ago. Lamb cutlets/chops are about a pound each here!
I'm going to read back and write more.
Cheers for now Gillian

2paw said...

Oh my word, that's a gourmet meal. It looks delicious. Duck fat was totally sold out here. It is very popular. I hope the meat made it in one piece!!