Saturday, 24 December 2011

a merry Christmas to all...

Something  sunny to match the day outside.  It started  off quite damp but has turned into a beautiful day.  I even dried washing outside on the balcony.  Tomorrow, Christmas Day, should be reasonable too, I think.  I saw an article where the weather bureau said that not only was it Sydney's coldest and wettest start to summer in over fifty years, but also that this month we have been colder than Melbourne, Hobart or Launceston.  It's felt pretty cold a lot of the time.

So, to see the sun and some blue sky today is glorious.  We had a good day last weekend with the family together.  The rain held off, although it was very grey all day.  We didn't get to the beach but enjoyed a meal together and then the grandchildren played backyard cricket.  They used Master Six's set with tiny stumps and a small wicket.  No one suggested backyard cricket, I think this might be a genetic trait in Aussie kids!  LOL.  The game just happened.

I'll be at home by myself tomorrow.  Don't feel sorry for me, this is a conscious decision I have made with no pressure on me.  Both sons with children asked me to lunch, but both are going out mid-afternoon.  Neither place is easy to get to by public transport on a public holiday, especially for just a short time frame.  Other son is away for several days.  I'm happy to be here, I have prawns and other food and drink.  I will have a quiet day and think about the get together last weekend.

Church will be at 9:30 tomorrow and I'm planning to get to that.  I'd go to the midnight service tonight too if I still lived with son and DIL a few minutes walk from the church.

On Monday, friend and I were going to have lunch or dinner.  We hadn't made up our minds.  He rang the other day and we are going to friends of his for lunch and dinner.  I haven't seen these friends for a couple of years and will be glad to catch up.  Lovely people, easy to talk to and we all have a lot in common.  They live in  the Blue Mountains so it will be enjoyable there too.

My brother and sister both were impressed with the tapestries I had framed for them.  I'm glad of that.

Have a great time everyone and I'll be back in a few days.


Lynne said...

I'm glad they liked the tapestries. Have a wonderful, peaceful day, enjoying your own company. If I'd known you were going to be alone I would have invited you here - your're very welcome if you'd like to come - we aren't going anywhere!

2paw said...

I am very glad your relatives appreciated the tapestries. I think backyard cricket is in the genes!!! I am so jealous that it has been colder where you live than here. Hope you had a lovely Christmas Day and outing with your friends.