Tuesday, 6 December 2011

parcel posted

I hope my parcel to England has a first class seat all to itself and the best of service from plane staff.  It can forego any food or drink but should be tucked in neatly. It ought to.  I was astounded at the cost.  The small vest shown in the previous entry.  I have washed and blocked it, a small book and a small light shawl for the baby's mum.  All in a padded envelope.  Cost was over $30!

It was not really heavy nor large.  I have long associated expensive postage with the USA but I thought this was somewhat steep.


Lynne said...

I posted three paperback books (comparatively heavy) to USA several weeks ago because they were won in my give-away! They cost me more than $30. I should have sent some money - the winner could have bought the books cheaper there! And they still haven't arrived!!

I'm sure the gift will be appreciated.

Rachel said...

Our postage is outrageous, think Mum spent about $60 on a couple of small parcels to UK. I have a 3Kg box of knitted squares to send to Sth Africa , sea mail expecting $60 - $70

2paw said...

It is so expensive, but until they invent things for Star Trek it is the only way to post.