Tuesday, 3 January 2012

another year's on its way

I slept in on New year's Day.  Now many probably did also, but I don't normally sleep in, regardless of the time of going to sleep.  I woke up five minutes before I should have been out of the place and on my way to the bus.  So I didn't go out.  I had a quiet day here and there was sunshine.  I'd almost forgotten what thta looked like.

I've had a few comments about the scrolling greeting in the New  Year's Eve post..

You can do it too.  I used to have a journal,  not a blog, and knew quite a lot of HTML.  I could do all sorts of fancy things  with templates and images and much more.  Most of it forgotten now.  This will be a longwinded way of showing you what to do.  If I write it out as it should look, all you'll see is the scroll result.

You need two pairs of arrowhead brackets like this< >  < >  Between the two arrows in the first pair, write the word marquee.  Between the second pair of two arrows, write /marquee. Now in between the two pairs, write your greeting.  Christmas, birthday, goodbye, happy new year, whatever you want.  Format those words with size, choice of font, colour or whatever  and there you go.  Easy peasy.

I went to Central Coast yesterday  The train up was very crowded.  I was glad I had gone to Central Station instead of Strathfield which is closer.  The train starts there and I had a seat.  I forgot my knitting but it would have been awkward doing it anyway.

It was pleasant with a breeze and sunshine.  My youngest grandchild, who was in Kindergarten last year is coming along in leaps and bounds.  He's good at following illustrated directions like complicated Lego and his sense of logic is developing too.  He knew that three sixes make eighteen.  Doesn't know multiplication tables just addition.  His dad who is on holidays asked him what three twelves would be.  No hints were given.   Instead of writing them down and adding up, he used logic.  Twelve was twice six so the answer would be twice eighteen.  There was a slight problem as he figured that out in his head as it involves carrying the one from the addition.  However he did it and was very proud of himself.


2paw said...

I'm glad the new year started well, and with a sleep in!! Your grandson sounds as if he is making excellent progress, that's great logic!!
You make the scrolling script sound easy, but it's all Greek to me!! You are very clever.

Lynne said...

Happy New Year! There have been many mornings of sleeping in here; I hope we get back into a normal routine soon (all the house guests are leaving today).