Sunday, 15 January 2012

saturday snippets (sort of)

Yesterday seemed to disappear and along came three grandchildren needing minding.  When I arrived home, all I wanted was bed.  It was late last night and the rain was bucketing down outside.  I fell into bed about 11:15 pm and  slept in this morning. Squabbling children, a screaming tantrum thrower  and a yappy puppy do that.

So Saturday snippets have turned into Sunday lunch.  I decided to do an eat from the pantry, a bit like knit from the stash.  I can order organic eggs with my fruit and vegetable order and had about ten left.  I like eggs, but I don't think about them much and they have to be cooked just right for me.  That  means either mixed or with very firm yolks and well cooked whites.  Runny yolks  I just can't cope with and the smell and feel of the whites churns my stomach.  There was some fairly substantial white bread left in the freezer which tasted OK, especially for white bread.  So out that came.  Big thick slices of some reasonable brand.

So what would it be.  French toast, something that was one of my dad's specialties when  I was young.  Not sweet though, savoury with lots of pepper and salt.  When I first was served sweet French toast complete with maple syrup, I didn't know what had happened with my cafe order.  Thought a mistake had been made.

The top picture shows three fairly fresh eggs.  I've had them possibly three weeks and they are still far fresher than supermarket eggs.  You can see the white is still almost jelly around the yolk.  I whisked them up with a fork and had trouble whisking the egg white as it was very thick and firm.  I added some good freshly ground pepper and a bit of salt and some milk till the mix looked right.

I cut the bread slices in two and put them to soak.

In my good heavy pan I melted some butter and put the soaked bread in.  When it was nice and brown I turned it carefully.  It's easy to break, but these slices  were solid and turned well.

I had to add a little more butter for the last piece of bread but they cooked well.  I really like the eggs I get and will always buy organic over ordinary produce.  I'm not a fanatical greeny person, but in most cases I prefer the taste  and there's definitely a difference between organic and non-organic.  I suppose if I had a large young family I might have to reconsider because of cost, but the decision is easy for me now.  I buy organic milk and butter, chicken and beef if at all possible.  Chemicals etc are also best avoided.  Organic vegetables too  when I can get them at places like farmers' markets.

So here's the lunch plate.  Two slices of bread and some vegetables.  There would have been some healthy rocket s well  but when I pulled the packet from the fridge, it felt very squishy.  It was disgusting and smelt like silage, which I can assure you is very green, very rank and putrid.  Lots of good food especially in a drought for cattle but definitely not for my lunch plate.

Two nectarines finished my lunch which was very enjoyable and substantial.  Sorry about the shadow, it's not my head, I think it's the edge of the lens.  I've seen questions about it on photography forums but no solutions.

I'm psyching myself up to get back to the Transatlantic Shawl by Stephen West.  I put it down about three months ago and haven't touched it since.  Just  sort of lost interest.  However, I've seen some photos in other blogs of it and am beginning to regain my enthusiasm.  It's not at all difficult and looks good, I just haven't done it.  Mine is in a creamy white and a soft grey-green.


2paw said...

I can see how fresh the eggs are, I try to buy my eggs fresh from the deli too. I don't think I have ever had French toast, savoury or sweet. There is a big gap in my food experience!! Your lunch looks delicious. I cooked the same way today- from my pantry I had rice and vegetables!!
I am envious of your rain, we really need some here. Children can be deceptively tiring, and you must have needed the sleep.
I hope you feel enthusiastic about your shawl. I did some sewing today and I really enjoyed it.

Lynne said...

Like you, I'm a fussy egg eater - I'd rather not! If I do it's either quiche, impossible pie or at least a well-cheesed ommelette (like my new word? LOL)

Younger Grandson grizzles about 80% of his waking hours and it has become very annoying! I hope it improves once he is up and moving around or he'll drive us all mad!

sparklingmerlot said...

I love french toast with maple syrup and bacon. Came upon it by accident in Port Douglas and it's my fave eat out breakfast.

We have a friend who used to keep chooks in his back yard (not quite legally!!). The eggs were magnificent.

I wish I was as handy as you with the knitting and stuff. I did knit slippers from a pattern you directed me to. And beanies for the boys.

Good to catch up again.