Tuesday, 10 January 2012

a touch of yellow

I got out the big Nikon about an hour ago and too some photos.  When i downloaded them I had over thirty photos to download.  Usually I keep them up to date.  Take, download, edit.  I found the photos of the two earlier practice runs on crochet edgings.  However, I trashed the photos, must have had one of the settings  wrong.  I may re-crochet the pieces, maybe not.  There are plenty of projects in the book for me to choose from.

It's amusing to see the results of the in-camera editing function.  I've used the line drawing outline before but though the palm should be suited to it.

Over at Project 365 I have now reached 70 or 71% of the 365 photos.  One a day.  Some of mine have been recycled and some have been when I've taken a few at a time and posted them over a few days.  However, the majority have been originals, not used before and taken on the day they were posted.  It's been a good discipline and I've learnt a lot from actually taking the photos as well as from the comments and forums. Oh, and from the discipline too.  Good word that in the sense we use it of discipline and also because it comes from the  Latin of teaching.  I've certainly experienced both.

There is a theme for each week and other themes occasionally too.  The interpretation of the theme is entirely up to the photographer.  This week's theme is yellow.  Now that's a colour I have not worn much for many years although I can remember some favourite clothes in that colour back when I was at uni.  It so happens that I bought a  top about ten days ago in a golden yellow colour.  I love the top, it's good and long and the sleeves are elbow length.  Underwear is a bit problematic as material is sheer although it doesn't look like it at first. and I think I'll need a tank top or similar under it.  I love the tucks but hate ironing them.  The top was just washed and hung dripping on  a hanger this morning.  Ironing can wait.

I took this photo about an hour ago and have put it up at Project 365.

Am off to pick another bit to crochet.  Something bright and cheerful perhaps like the clothes and colours I seem to be buying now.


Lynne said...

The top looks very cool - make sure you get a cotton top to go under it or you may find it too hot!

I love the way the palm tree photo turned out with the editing!

2paw said...

The palm is very suited to it, it's a good tool!! That is great self discipline, well done: so many photos daily is a big commitment.
Yellow would be tricky here, very tricky, but that looks like a lovely shade and beautiful fabric!!