Tuesday, 7 February 2012

parcel from the USA

I like getting parcels.  This one wasn't a surprise, I treated myself.  However, although I paid extra  for tracking facilities along the way, I wasn't expecting this here.  Just a couple of hours ago I checked the progress of this parcel and according to USPS tracking it was still in USA.  I went out for a short while, something I would not have done if I had known it actually arrived in Australia three days ago. That fact shows on the tracking page only now.  I really don't like complaining, but I could have missed this and possibly not known about this for quite a while if I had relied on their information and updating.  Last time I missed  a delivery, the man put the card into the wrong box.  Three weeks later I learnt of it on the last day before it would have been returned.

Enough.  Isn't it gorgeous.  I love the name Cousteau.  It really does have the deep swirls of blues and greens which are often characteristic of deep under water.  Two skeins of Madeline Tosh Pashmina, sportweight, 329 metres each.  It's merino, silk, cashmere and feels lovely.  A shawl.  I've given away several in the last few weeks.  There are some lovely patterns around.  I hope this will be a spur to finish my Transatlantic shawl before I start this.


Lynne said...

It is absolutely gorgeous! And "Cousteau" is very appropriate.

2paw said...

It is beautifully oceanic. I am sure the joy of knitting it will ameliorate the crossness!!