Saturday, 18 February 2012

saturday snippets

I'm off up the coast again today for a haircut, so am posting early.

I get  a couple of longish chillies in my vegetable delivery most deliveries, but really could use more.  So I bought this  plant and holder.  I think they may turn red as some have a bit of red on the skin.

I'm hopung that f they turn red, then they will develop some heat.  I cautiously tasted the very  end of one yesterday.  Nothing.  Picked the thing  and had a bit more.  Still nothing.  I finally ate the last bit, complete with seeds.  All I could taste was capsicum.  The label says it's supposed to be very hot.

I know I like things fairly hot, I always leave seed in the chillies I use, but seriously there wasn't a hint of heat in this.


2paw said...

That is so funny, I think it is so cute and I am sad that they are not hot. I always leave the seeds in chillies if it is for me too.
Have a nice haircut. I must get one too, it is almost 3 months!!!!!!!

Aussie Maria said...

Love the planter. Makes my chilli plants look boring

Lynne said...

Cute plant pot - I don't like chilli much at all but I do like capsicum.