Saturday, 5 May 2012

all craft media

This is not a post I take any pleasure in writing.  I do not think as many people here in Australia will be affected as in Britain, but there may be some.

All Craft Media, the last, so far, incarnation from  Kerrie Allman's string of failed businesses stretching back to Magknits, is now under administration.  This follows not long after failed KAL went into liquidation  and was rescued by close family, turning into ACM.  She had a list of craft magazines and appeared to open a new one as each preceding magazine got into strife.

She also had, and this is where some may be affected here, an amigurami club and  clubs for sock and lace wool.  Members of these have been chasing for refunds, deliveries of yarn, deliveries of patterns etc.  They have been fobbed off with varied excuses, none of which hold water.  Her staff have not been paid and designers have not had samples returned or been paid for their designs which have been published in her magazines and worse yet, have been on-sold to other magazines without permission or payment.

Our own Pompom is a moderator on the Ravelry group  set up by those who are missing money, yarn, whatever.  If you are out of pocket, one of the threads stickied at the top gives details as to how you can put in a claim.  Another gives a list compiled by Pompom of the history of this mess.

I am not personally involved and have no claim.  However, I joined  the group as some extra support, remembering the nasty mess that I was involved in some seventeen months ago.  Many of us had joined a group buying yarn from an indie supplier and dyer down here.  I joined after I had already had several very satisfactory purchases of good yarn with beautiful colours.  I thought all would continue this  way.  Sad to say, things deteriorated and deliveries were late or did not happen.  The person concerned had two other small businesses in  different fields and it seems these were bad too.  The tactics were the same as ACM.  Promises, later proven false, no information forthcoming, no emails answered, no response  to phone calls, complaints from the owner about being harassed and more.  It took a lot of very public complaining and exposure of tactics  to get anywhere.  I did re eventually receive the full quota of deliveries, all in one package.  However the yarn was not what had been promised and certainly was not the quality of promised yarn.

I remember how terrible I felt through this, sick in the stomach even, so I joined the group for ACM as support.

If you, or anyone you know may have been affected by this, please let them see the links as a claim may just possibly help.  A claim will at least help administrator see the scope of the deceit.


Sally said...

Thanks for helping to let people know. Knitters, sewers, crocheters and quilters all over the world have been affected by this business over the last few years.

2paw said...

I am aghast at the goings on. I do remember the MagKnits fiasco but had no idea the tentacles stretched so far. Nice work on letting people know and being supportive.