Monday, 14 May 2012

so that was breakfast?

A very busy weekend here and no knitting done.  I was out all day Saturday  and then yesterday the family converged on here for Mother's Day.  Friend and I had gone to church as the only woman bishop in Australia was there and neither of us wanted to miss that.  Then we hotfooted it back here for lunch.  We were planning a BBQ on the roof garden using the residents' big gas BBQ.  However, there was a freezing gale blowing  and it was far too unpleasant up there.

So everyone congregated in my small place and my little Weber worked overtime cooking both chicken and lamb souvlaki, marinated chicken, sausages etc.  It was a lovely meal, despite being spread over a long time.  I packed up and sent heaps of leftovers home with each of them.

The wrappers in the photos were from lovely Florentines one DIL made.  She left me two which was what I asked for.  She used chocolate  and dried fruit from Alfafa House in Newtown which is a food co-operative which also sells to the public.  Organic and usually fair traded stuff.  Bring your own containers etc.  Typical Newtown shop, but the products are always good quality.

I eat untoasted, unsweetened muesli with stewed or frozen fruit for breakfast.  I think I can count the Florentines as healthy?  They had lots of dried  fruit in them and very fresh nuts of several varieties.  Very dark chocolate which packed a punch of caffeine.  The florentines weren't the ones in cake shops which seem no thicker than a sheet of commercial pastry.  These were chunky. And very delicious.

# 2 son brought these for me.  I always tell them  "no presents" and they always pay no attention to me.  Must be the way I brought them up or something!  These are miniature tulips, as white as can be.  Just beautiful, they are about a third the size of a normal tulip.

I don't buy flowers usually and had really wanted some when I was shopping on Friday.  However everything was very expensive and I refused to buy any.  I couldn't work out why till I remembered Mothers' Day.


Lynne said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day; the tulips are so sweet.

2paw said...

I heard a good discussion on The religion show on Sunday night on the ABC about women priests and bishops. Oh, your trusty Weber did a good job and the florentines sound yummy. Such beautiful flowers, I'm glad you are enjoying them!!!