Saturday, 28 July 2012

grandma's brag book again

My eldest grandson rang me the other night.  He's 13, 14 next January and in Year 8 at school.  He was so excited I could hardly understand him as the words tumbled out.  He and his dad, who is  still job hunting are going to the snow in a few weeks  time. A surprise for him. Fortunately this had been basically paid for before he lost his job.  Son goes with a group but hasn't been for some years and this is a a time for bonding.  So he was excited about that.  However, he was even more excited.  He has been chosen in the State rep under 14 soccer team.  He was thrilled to have risen to this level.  They will be going to Brisbane in the September/October school holidays and playing against several other states.  Each team plays five games on three successive days in a round robin type competition, a bit like Hockeyfest which is a teenage international hockey festival held at Olympic hockey grounds here in July.

He's always been good at sport and athletics where he competes at zone level..  He has a lot of talent and is willing to practise.  When he was not quite two, I saw him playing a ball  game with the six year olds.  He was keeping up with them, scoring and looked much as a soccer player  does when I see them on TV.
These photos were taken in May 2002, ten years ago on Mothers Day.  Andrew was a few months over three and Mis M his cousin was not quite two.  She turns twelve next month.  We were at the hockey fields at Homebush  for a Mothers Day picnic.  DIL played in top grade hockey as a goalie and we were watching her and having a picnic.  These two had a wonderful time.  They ran and danced and  chased each other.  Holding hands, they twirled around and around till they fell over.  They chased their own shadows for a long time and then tried jumping on each others' shadow.
Ten years and lots of water under the bridge since then.    They are growing up so fast and Andrew is now in a state team.  Well done to him..


Ian Climacus said...

Brag wonderful for him -- well done indeed.

And great photos too.

Marguerite said...

It's always fun to brag on our grandchildren. What fun it must be to watch him grow and mature in sport.

2paw said...

That's wonderful news. And I agree, it's a grandparent's right to brag!!