Thursday, 12 July 2012

grey day

Another grey day here today but only a slight drizzle of rain here this morning. Just enough to wet the seat at the bus stop. I needed a couple of things to make sausage rolls to take out on Saturday for lunch, so bit the bullet of inertia and finally made myself get up and go. Once I was out, all was well, it was the original leaving that was the problem. I'm all stuffed up in the chest and the head and nose and can't be bothered moving much, although that's probably something that would help. Walking up the very slight slope to bus stop is causing me to feel breathless as I can't breathe properly. I think I may have to get a script as this is not clearing. Just like what many people I know already have too. When I was out, I found a small non-stick frying pan just a bit bigger than a crumpet. Now the lack of something to shape my crumpet mix a couple of months ago made me disgusted with the final product. This was reduced to $10 so I bought it. I found a link to crumpets in a blog somewhere but don''t have a record of it. When the top begins to bubble like a pikelet, this blogger turned it right down and covered the pan till top was set and partially cooked. Then she toasted them and said they were delicious. So when my head is a bit clearer, I'll give the recipe another go and use the small frying pan as a ring for the crumpets. Any leftovers can go in the freezer. I'll possibly have them for a Saturday breakfast when I allow myself something different to porridge for a change.

Baked chicken is for dinner tonight and I've prepared it and the vegetables all ready to go in the oven. I'm looking forward to it and to the leftovers from it. I've put a whole apple inside to keep it moist. DIL always does this or halves a lemon and uses that. I really like stuffing but can't be bothered with it and none I make tastes as good as Mum's used to.

 I had a bit of an experiment yesterday. I had a small eggplant in the fridge and much larger one was delivered on Tuesday, so I made baba genouj which I really enjoy. I had plans to roast it on BBQ earlier in the week but had no room. The picture shows the eggplant roasting directly over the smallest gas jet, turned down as far as I could. The skin blisters and turns black. I then put the eggplant in a plastic bag till it was cool and rubbed the blackened skin till it came off. This was roughly blended with some tahini, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. I also added a bit of cumin. It was good and better today as the flavours had blended. I had leftover BBQ lamb last night and a pile of vegetables with some of the dip as a sauce for them.

My stove will not come any cleaner than what you can see.  I constantly clean it and all DILs have tried to get  rid of the yellow stains.  They seem to be burnt into the enamel and believe me, if one DIL in particular can't get rid of them, then they are probably permanent.  The actual inside of the burners has also been affected and we've even scraped at the burnt on gunk with a screw driver. All to no avail.  The previous tenants here ate various forms of curry and not much else and I think they also tipped leftover oil  down the sink, as that blocked a couple of days after I moved in.

All this talk of food suggests I have not done much knitting.  Correct.  Somewhere in the last couple of rows of My Fellowship of the Ring Mystery Shawl, I have made a mistake.  I've counted and recounted.  My stitch count is right  and I've tried to follow repeat across the row to see where my mistake is.  I keep getting different places so I think it's partly my head.  I probably should try finishing a sock which I work on occasionally.

I  find I live comfortably here.  I buy good quality food and appliances etc, although I am  careful with spending.  I have  enough to help others if I choose.  However, I don't know how others on a pension manage.  I'm under the lowest tax threshold by several thousand dollars, adding in the interest from a deposit from my mother and my original account.  I pay lots of thing monthly by debit from my account and my strata levy here works out to be a bit over $55 a week.  I own this place.  What sort of place in Sydney could be rented for that amount?  Not even a room.  Perhaps a small cardboard box under a bridge.


2paw said...

Yes, I wonder how people survive on the ension, It is far too little and with the way power prices are increasing any extra money is eaten up quickly.
My mind can't think when I have a cold, or I am tired- hence the thirty rows I had to undo yesterday.
I hope you are feeling much better soon.
My friend's been trying to buy crumpet rings but has had no success so I'll pass on your clever little pan idea.
How annoying that your stove top is stained, I know it annoys you as you have said so before. I love it that you have a secret weapon for cleaning DIL!!

Lynne said...

I hope today's beautiful sunshine is helping you feel a little better! Home made sausage rolls, yum! I bought one on Wednesday. The filling was quite tasty but it was lukewarm and so greasy - all in all not the most pleasant of experiences! I bought one at a bread shop in West Ryder when DD used to live there - it should have been called a garlic roll! Urk!
My mum and MIL both live on the pension. Mum owns her own home and MIL lives in a retirement village. A sum is taken from her pension for maintenance, etc. both seem to manage okay.
I'm looking forward to seeing how your homemade crumpets go! I love crumpets.

Gillian said...

In many ways I feel very glad that I came home to England to retire after my huband died. There were lots of good reasons to stay in Oz, own house, friends from decades of work, healthy finances and such. And I did it during the big crash in 2008 has all worked out. Not rich but comfy.
I suppose it is family and memories of home that won in the end.
I still have some whims that blow the other way.
Glad things are going well for you.
Cheers Gillian