Thursday, 11 October 2012


I joined eBay some years ago.  I have not bought much from it but have usually been pleased.  I've won a few auctions and just missed out on some others, even using last minute bids etc.  I've bought quite  a bit of yarn, especially Patonyle sock yarn.

The second hand Steelcase office chair has been a good buy.  As I sat on the old chair, I could follow distinct pathways where it was uncomfortable.  This is great, although I am still tweaking some of the adjustments.  No pain and great back support.

 About three months ago, perhaps four, I was browsing  when I saw  new copy of the NZ Edmonds centenary Celebration cookbook.  I have several old cook books so decided i would buy this.  I paid for it and was a bit careless in checking the default delivery address.  It went to PO box for my son and DIL.  Of course, I thought it had gone astray and after about three weeks let the seller know.  To my surprise, a refund was in my account the next day with no problems.  DIL finally remembered to tell me a book had arrived for me, so I contacted the seller and paid him a second time.  He was surprised I didn't just take the book without notifying him.

She came over this afternoon to help me collect a heavy parcel from the post office.  She brought the book and told me I really didn't need more cookbooks.  She is, of course, right.  I opened it up and the book was obviously new, no marks or stains or indications of turning pages  etc.  However, you can see what I found when I opened the first page.  I've erased both sets of names!  DIL thought I should return it, but it's weeks since it arrived and does it really matter?  I daresay the sentiments in the greeting on the page have not been fulfilled.

Sorry about the photo.  Cover is hard cover, very shiny and the light was poor.



Lynne said...

Perhaps it wasn't the recipient who passed it on but someone who got it from a deceased estate! Then again, we all receive gifts form time to time that aren't quite "right"!

2paw said...

My great grandmother always re-gifted and you never know whose present you were going to get!! Glad the seller was so helpful and that you are so honest in return!! I hope you cook something soon and no, you can never really have too many cook books in my opinion!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.