Thursday, 4 October 2012

still life by spring

I am pleased to have made it this far.  Granddaughters have been with me since the weekend and my hip has had trouble keeping up with them.  Lovely girls, though Miss Just Eight is a handful.  Life exists for her benefit alone, although this is not an encouraged point of view at her home.  She's a bubblehead and it finally dawned on me that although this may be an unconscious decision by her, it is a way of coping.  She's the youngest.  She's quite intelligent, but being an airhead means she pays little attention if it's hard.  No, she doesn't do homework, said with a giggle and a shrug.  She lost her homework book, so she just doesn't do it.  No one expects her to do much as she's so airy fairy so she gets away with it.  She's changing  schools next year and I suspect this change may be a rude awakening for her.

They go home today.  DIL called this morning and has taken them swimming for which they weren't prepared.  They have a strappy top each and some shorts and it's hot.  They'll be fine.  She'll treat them to lunch, call back here and collect stuff and take them home.  That is very welcome as son is having trouble fitting in things today as plane flights back from Brisbane keep changing.

I had an artfully posed photo of food from fruit and vege delivery.  However, I can't find it in downloads and can't be bothered searching.  This is a bell apple from  far north Queensland.  I had one in the delivery but could have bought more at 500 gm/$8.  Expensive and I don't think I'll bother, but they are quite small and have little in the way of a  core.  It was very juicy but with an extremely crisp texture.  I cut it into quarters.  Miss 8 didn't like it, she's fairly conservative but Miss 10 and I enjoyed our pieces.  She likes different foods and we have to be careful as she is definitely the coeliac.  Gluten slips in all over the place in much food and she knows how ill it makes her.  Hospital and all before her diagnosis.

Just look at this! we had a quiet day here yesterday.  Nails are painted in assorted rainbow colours, lunch was a picnic on roof garden here and I showed them how to knit.  It was all too much fuss for Miss 8 but her sister loved it.  She watched me, I helped her do a row and she was off.  Took it out to the balcony by herself and has now done about 15 cm of a scarf  for a soft toy.  She was so confident that by late afternoon she lay on  the lounge with knitting on her chest. She knitted as she watched TV and did just fine.  Her mum can knit so will be able to help her.

Another one  joins the ranks!


Lynne said...

I hope you have recovered from time spent on grandmother duties! Glad to hear Miss 10 tried knitting and loved it. miss 8 seems like she could be difficult but I'm sure you handled her just fine.

I waved as we passed in the rain on Saturday on our way from spending the night in the city (we went to hear SSO at the Opera House). We were on the way to Katoomba (where there was almost no visibility) so that I could tutor a lace-knitting workshop.

2paw said...

Being the youngest also means you can rely on the older siblings to do all the listening and then you just ask them!! That's a lovely knitting picture, I'm glad you had a nice time and that you weren't totally worn out!! Never heard of that apple, I shall have to look it up!!

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