Monday, 8 October 2012

the cruel hard world

Look at my lovely surprise which arrived about an hour ago from the Book Depository.  It was sent to my by Cindy 2 paw and it could not have come at a better time.

I think I mentioned stress here.  I won't mention what it is just in case someone should find this, although I really doubt it.  A situation here has arisen which has caused me very much stress and distress too.  My family laughed at the ridiculous, ludicrous statements till they saw the effect on me.

This hardcover book reminds me of the River Cottage bread book I bought some months ago.  The author obviously knows her onions, as the saying goes, or perhaps I should say socks.  Like the bread book, there is a large section at the front which could basically be termed  theory, covering many aspects of yarn, tension, fit etc.  The bread book has 70 pages of theory to start with, and although I've made bread since I was about 10, I learnt a lot from it.  A glance through the early pages of Clara Parkes' book suggests  that I will learn much here too.

Here's a quote about handknit socks which I loved. 
socks are intended to protect our tender feet from the cold, sharp edges of the world.
Spot on!  That's just what I feel when I put on my handknit socks. They feel comfortable and cared for. In fact, my feet are now uncomfortable in commercial socks.   There is a lengthy section on the purpose of well fitting socks and how the sock will last longer if fitted correctly.  That would be an incentive for anyone who puts hours and hours into knitting a sock.

So thank you Cindy.  I'm going to get a lot from this book, and when I've finished the theory, there are lots of lovely patterns to try.

My body has been tired from  stress, grandchildren and now the switch to daylight saving.  I love daylight saving, but find it takes a while for my body to adjust to the extra hour of daylight, or perhaps to the loss of an hour's sleep at the changeover time.  I remarked to a friend that if mothers were the government, then this change would not have been last weekend.  School resumes today.  Pupils and staff have to settle in to a new term and also to the change in times.  Not very sensible to have them at the same time.

How dirty can an eight year old get?  These feet walked heel to toe around the perimeter of the roof garden here.  It was actually a good thing.  Miss Eight is very clever, but rather flighty.  She counted the steps it took and had to pay attention.  When we came back down to my front door, I allowed her to step into the tiled entranceway.  I ran some soapy water in the bath, just a bit.  She managed to step from hallway, around corner and onto bathroom tiles without putting her feet on my carpet.

One thing the photo shows is that she did not inherit my very flat feet.  She has my reaction to sticking plaster and bandaids or similar, a nasty rash with icky looking blisters, but the feet definitely are not flat.


Lynne said...

Perhaps you should have given her a sheet of paper and kept a record of her foot size for posterity!

2paw said...

Oh, that's me!! I am so glad you like the book, happy sock knitting. Yes those are grubby feet and I am glad you can't see the bottom of my feet- I often walk outside barefoot. I can recommend sleeping for days on end when Daylight Saving starts. I did that this time and didn't even notice the change. I hope you are feeling better about things???

Anonymous said...

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