Wednesday, 10 October 2012

the little engine that could

The little engine puffed up the hill, its boiler almost bursting with the effort.  "I think I can, I think I can," it repeated to itself as it made its way up the slope.  Suddenly it reached the top and saw the down hill run in front of it.

"I knew I could, I knew I could,"  it sang over and over happily.

That's somewhat I feel like about these socks.  I bought the yarn around this time last year and I think the socks were started possibly January or February as back up knitting for in between bigger projects.

I grew to dislike them immensely.  I hated the colour and did not realise it would be so bright.  I like purples but I've never been much in favour of pink.  I hid them in the back of the cupboard with knitting stuff and they would fall out occasionally when I took something out.  I sat them where I could see them.  That meant I just ignored the pink presence.

The last few nights I've actually taken them out and looked at them.  Occasionally I've done a few rows.  Then last night I convinced myself to get a move on.  I promised myself that I would not start something else till these were finished.  There really was not a lot to do before toe decreases started.  So last night as I watched the architect George Clarke on the restoration of two ancient towers in Britain, I worked on the socks.

This morning I had a delivery of meat from the Butcherman due between 9-12.  I did the decreases,grafted the toe and voil√†, I was finished.  Look, they are even identical twins.  I really don't care particularly if stripes don't match.  These do.

 I think these will go into the present box, I don't think I could bear to wear them.  It's a bit rainy today so possibly tomorrow I'll give them a quick rinse and put them to dry.

I knew I could, I knew I could.  Just like the little engine. I just had to do it.


2paw said...

I am not a pink person either, so well done for persevering. They are pretty for someone who likes pink I think.

Rachel said...

That is the only way I could finish my capelet, not letting myself touch anything else till it was done

Lynne said...

Hurrah! You did it! Of course you did!

You could try over dyeing ... Just a thought!