Monday, 24 December 2012

a gift to myself

I have been without a swift for some years now.  I had one my ex-husband made from memories of the one his grandmother used.  However, one of his friends who should have known better, fiddled with it and it broke.   I've tried various methods of winding skeins since that time, none of them altogether satisfactory.  The best was around the end of the outdoor balcony table DIL lent me.  However, not all skeins fitted that.

I was poking around with online shops the other day when I saw that Renée at Suzyhausfrau had brought some in.  These are made in Sweden from birch.  It came well packed in a solid, large, cylindrical postpak.  This will be ideal  for storage for it.  So a gift for myself.  I have a ball winder already so am looking forward to winding skeins in much less time than it has taken me for some years.

As I mentioned in the last post, my son has moved into a townhouse on the Central Coast.  He has a smallish courtyard out the back which is edged by several large hibiscus shrubs.  Miss Twelve took  these two photos.

As usual, the colour red is hard to get an accurate representation.  This looks good as it is, but it is really a deep crimson and an enormous flower too.

The picture below it was also taken by her, both on my phone.  It's a double flower, a bit untidy and dishevelled but quite attractive too.  It doesn't open flat as the red one does.

There's a space where he has put some pots of herbs and a couple of hydrangeas.  The clothes line folds down against the back wall and there's plenty of room for his small BBQ.  Master Seven is very proud that he has used this twice.  Once for chops where he cooked them perfectly without help, and once for sausages which required some assistance as they flared.

Son found a  table on a street pickup.  A glass outdoor one with a metal rim and frame.  Large enough for six, so that was a good find.  The rim around the edge is a bit rusty in spots but the frame is very solid.  He had a couple of outdoor chairs from KMart so he's set up.  He BBQs all sorts of things and does a very good roast in the BBQ. It seems as if Master Seven is following in his dad's footsteps.

There are two balconies, both upstairs.  One is quite a decent width and he could also sit up there.  As I said earlier, it is no more than two minutes from the shops with a good independent butcher and fruit shop, a very large Woolies and Coles too and a KMart.  Lots of smaller shops too.  He can actually walk round the shops or through the shops on his five minute trip home from the station if he needs anything, so it's really conveniently situated.

I've been sitting outside working slowly on my Hawthorne shawl.  It's helping me settle.  The pattern is not difficult, it just requires attention to counting.  The afternoon breeze is lovely and I need the concentration on something other than family.

Now this is Christmas Eve.  I may post tomorrow after a return from church. Or perhaps not.  I'd like to get to the midnight service at church tonight, but I would need a taxi both ways.     Happy Christmas too all and to your family and loved ones.


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