Tuesday, 25 December 2012

free pattern till January 1st

I was alerted to this generous offer in a Ravelry group.  Tin can Knits  has a generous offer open till January 1st for a free pattern.  Lots to choose from.  When you have made your choice choose option for discount code and enter SHARETHELOVE in the space.  Checkout will then show  that pattern is free.  I chose a shawl called "Rosebud."  Till January 1.

A quiet day here for me, interrupted by a messy delivery which should have come yesterday.  I ordered a lot of berry type fruit and a couple of small pineapples.  Delivery would normally be on a Tuesday but obviously not on Christmas Day, nor Boxing Day. Basically three days deliveries were squashed into Monday.  A courier firm was used to help with the number of deliveries.

By 5:30 yesterday afternoon I was becoming concerned when the fruit and veg boss rang and said courier declared my address did not exist!  It took about an hour, but I had a promise from courier that I would have it by 8:00 am this morning.

That was fine, I could still get 8:30 bus to church. 8:30 came and went and I sent text to Boxfresh who pride themselves on good service.  Finally it arrived at almost 10:30.  Not happy, Jan.  I asked courier why not the promised time.  Oh, he had stuff to do and was out late last night.  He certainly wasn't out delivering.  I said I had been promised 8:00 and he looked a bit sheepish.  Then I said that a promise was a promise and I had had things to do which had to be set aside.  I got a grunt and he quickly left.  I sent another text to say it was finally here, but I hope they never use that lot of couriers again.  No pride in their work, unlike BoxFresh.

It's been a cool, grey day here and is currently about !6°C here.  A good day for having the oven on at lunchtime.  I've been very quiet and had a snooze to catch up on missed sleep last night.

Hope all had a happy Christmas.

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Lynne said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get to church this morning as planned. We went last night because SIL was on afternoon shift today so we had to have brunch instead of lunch!

Your wait for the box must have been annoying and even more so with that poor attitude!

I hope the rest of your Christmas Day was good!