Sunday, 27 January 2013

the carnival is over...

Almost the end of  January.  Most schools go back here on 29/1 and three of my grandchildren will be at new schools.

The month has descended, or so it seems to me, into blahdom.  Most of the festival of Sydney is over, not that I saw much of that.  I am not a fan of crowds and feel uncomfortable in them.  The extreme heat of the previous week has hopefully gone.  Today is milder but February's humidity is descending on us.  The first three family birthdays have been and gone.

I remember that we spent almost all of January holidays at the beach.  Dad's teacher's salary was very low then and it was his tax refund which paid the rent on a beach house.  Houses at that particular beach are now rented for astronomical amounts of money.  As my mother used to say, you have to eat wherever you are and we had simple holiday food.  Easy to buy in the local general shop and easy to prepare with the limited facilities available.

I don't seem to have done much at all, not even knitting.  I have finished half the front yoke on my Low Tide jacket and am happy with the way it has turned out.  I keep reading ahead and can't make sense of the blocking diagram given.  I suspect my problem is similar to that of many new sock knitters.  Don't read ahead, do what it says when you get to that bit.

Speaking of socks, not much to speak of.  I am still working my way down the second sock for a KAL.  I am bored stiff with it.  I like the yarn colours but realise now that the yarn probably needs 2.75 needles as it seems to be sports weight.  The fabric is stiff and I'm not enjoying knitting it.  Hopefully the density of the stitching will mean extra wear .

One thing I have done is spend money.  I have been impressed with the improvement in the comfort of my back  and hips since I bought a Steelcase Leap office chair on ebay.  It has many adjustments to get the perfect fit and support  for anyone.  It bears absolutely no comparison to even the top of the range type chair from an ordinary office supplier.

Knitting however was a different matter.  Before I left my home and husband I did much of my knitting at a covered deck with a large kauri outdoor table.  Chairs and table were perfectly matched for me for height for working at.  Since then, I struggled to find something similar.  Nothing fitted.  My lounge is comfortable, but as it was just a two seater I had an arm rest at one side or the other.  I got into the bad habit of leaning on that rest, no matter what side it was.  This was not a good idea and stress was relayed up my arm to shoulder and neck.  My dining chair wasn't right either, although it's fine for eating at.  The balcony table was also the wrong height.

I have been looking longingly at these chairs from  the bus every week.  It is a Stressless Recliner made in Norway.  Finally I tried one.  Pure bliss, as it ought to be.  Very expensive.  When I knit in it, the arms are too low to lean on so no stress in neck.  There is an adjuster knob which adjusts how much pressure is needed to recline in it.  I've set it to a fairly light pressure and I can lean back and the chair follows my movements.  The foot stool is adjustable too.  Guaranteed for ten years, so I suppose that's also reflected in the price.  It reclines to almost flat and is wonderful.  There was a sale with leather the same price as fabric during January.  Since buying it, I have heard of people who have had theirs for very many years.  The leather will look as if it has been sat on, that's normal, but no other problems.

I also took advantage of January sales to restock underwear drawer.  It doesn't seem very long since I last did it.  No photos, however.  I did need and have been searching for for some months some more easy, slip-on shoes.  The pair I have had for probably ten years is wearing out and rubbing my feet.  The uppers are disintegrating and the soles have several cracks across them.  Definitely not worh repairing and I've certainly had my money's worth from them.  The other day I found these in Target, of all places.  They are leather, the strap is adjustable, the lining is leather and the insole is soft and squishy.  All for $25.  I bought a black pair for winter too, at that price.

It's grey and drippy here so  I will try to summon up some enthusiasm and do some more sock!


Lynne said...

Oh, Jan, you do sound a bit down. Time to knit something else that brings you pleasure -- or perhaps frog that sock and go up a size. Life's too short to use our time on hobbies that bore us!

2paw said...

I think January is a bit of a let down after all the fuss of December. I sat in one of those chairs in the shop and you are right, utter bliss. A good choice and I am glad it makes you comfortable. Nice shoes, a good comfy pair is always more important for me then looks as long as they are green!!
Yes, back to school here next week, the first time so early.
I hope you feel a bit cheerier soon and that the sock sorts itself out quick smart.
Hope the weather is not too bad??
Have a nice week!!