Monday, 28 January 2013

word verification

I turned off word verification some time ago and all was well till the last few days when I have been inundated with spam comments, all worded in almost undecipherable English.

I've turned it back on for a trial and may yet go to comment moderation.  Sorry, I hate working out proof words myself, but needs must.

Something more pleasant.  It's raining here and has been all day. Quite cool too.

I did not realise how much the heat had affected the plants till I look over the balcony after the 46° C day.  I've always found it just about impossible to kill agapanthus plants, but these looked sick after the heat.

I watched a bit of tennis last night and actually knitted on my purple sock.  I was however bored.  Both with sock and the tennis final.


Lynne said...

I didn't watch the tennis --can't stand Jokavic! The agapanthus will no doubt come back as good as ever -- if they don't wash away first! We have a pond in front where there is normally only dry ground and our swimming pool is full to overflowing!

I have found Blogger quite good at catching most of the spam -- I only get one or two a week that get past it! But I have comment moderation turned on, maybe that is a deterrent! Do you get many anonymous comments? If not, you could just switch your settings over so you don't accept any more anonymous comments and voila! No more spam!

2paw said...

I sometimes listen to the tennis, but I am not overly keen. I use moderation for my comments. Most silly spam people comment on one post where I closed the comments from years ago: ha! to them. They all get caught in the spam section. I do hate the unreadable letters and sometimes need two or three goes,. I debate over h or ln, eg.
The sun shrivelled and burned my zucchini and I fear they will not recover.....