Monday, 18 February 2013

low tide cardigan saga cont. Episode #1863

I read Cam's blog.  I've bought some crafty brooches  from here which my granddaughters made when here.  You can see on here  scroll down the entry.  Cam's service was great, the parcel was well packaged and it arrived from Victoria the day after I had ordered.     There was a follow up email to check all was well.

Cam's blog is cheerful and full of ideas and colours from her creative mind.  However, there have been hospitalisations with lung problems and she has been on a waiting list for a lung transplant for quite  a while now, with several disappointments.  She has spent much of that waiting time raising funds for the transplant organisation.

Her blog has been quiet for a couple of weeks and I wondered if her transplant time had happened.  Then yesterday, a post.  Indeed it had and there was a picture of Cam back in the respiratory ward after considerable time in ICU.  She looks amazing.

She says she has a long hard recovery in front of her, I can understand that.  She also says she is a rollercoaster of emotions every day.  Because of the transplant, she can look forward to regaining her life.  However, that has come through the generosity of another family in donating the lungs of a loved one.  They must be big hearted people.

So  pay her a visit and say hullo to her.

I am still plodding away on the low tide cardigan and will be for some time.  I sewed the neck edge s together at the should yesterday and picked up hundreds of stitches around the base of the yoke.  I think some of the stitches put aside on scrap wool should be part of a shoulder seam ad some will form the beginning of a small cap sleeve.  I daresay I will find out when I get there.  A row takes me ages.  I've done just on 2" and need to do another 13.  I really want it finished by Easter.  There are several lots of stitches on waste wool and it seems there are ends everywhere.  This morning I realised I had made a mistake.  On one of the shoulders I had grafted the right side of one yoke to the wrong side of the other.  There was a twisted mess.  Fortunately I was able to unpick the tail of the graft and redo it, more carefully this time.  You can just see the join in top left of photo.  You can also see the stocking stitch which is knitted down.  There is a tiny amount of shaping across the back.  If I did this again I would omit it, no matter what size the cardigan was.  The YO to compensate for the shaping come at each end of the row and I often forget one.

Don't forget to say hi to Cam.


2paw said...

I popped over and saw Cam's good news. I was in a swap she organised a few years ago and I saw her last year on someone's blog with her oxygen. What a fabulous thing donors and their families do.
Oh no, grafting the wrong parts together?? You have my sympathy. The colours in your wool are beautiful and I wish yo speedy and accurate hands for knitting by Easter!!

Lynne said...

That is, indeed, good news for Cam but a tragic loss for the donor's family. I have, as requested, prayed for them in their loss.

Your cardigan is such a lovely combination of colours.

My Five Sons said...

Love the colours in your cardigan!And thansk for links I will go visit!