Thursday, 28 March 2013

soft autumn light

No knitting here at the moment.  It's very hot still although hopefully there'll be a change  tonight.  I can't remember when I had even the sheet over me at night in bed.  I really prefer to feel some covering, but it's been too hot.  It looks as if a storm is  coming up, rain would be good.  However, I can smell smoke from a bushfire and it's quite strong.  I checked the RFS site and there's hazard reduction burning off in the Blue Mountains and a warning of thick smoke is given.  Now that's over 80 kms from here, so I hope nothing has got out of hand in the heat.

I went to wind what I thought was a skein of MadTosh Vintage which is Aran weight for another hat.  I had two skeins in the cupboard, both lovely colours and both sock wool.  So nothing on the knitting  front.

The evening light has been beautifully soft here lately.  I've noticed other bloggers' beautiful photos using the light.  Two days ago, I glanced outside and  raced for the camera.  Light can change very quickly and there was a soft golden glow  to every thing.

I really liked  the dreamlike outline of the city skyline in the top photo.   Depth of field has turned out well, probably more by good luck than good management.  The leaves really were that colour in the trees and everything was soft and shiny.

When we had our property at Wollombi in the bush, I was always happy to look at one hillside in the afternoon.  The tree trunks had a glow about them.  If there had been rain, there might be water oozing over rocks on the hill.  Shiny leaves, golden trunks and wet rocks went well together.  This tree is not far from me, although I did use the zoom in this picture.  At night it has large white lumps scattered  through it.  Or so it seems.  Actually the scavenging ibis roost there at night and I know they are really anything but white.  Most of them are filthy but at night the tree looks as if feathery pillows are scattered through it.

Over the years, I have tried to overcome my pedantry about correct spelling and the right use of words. To a degree, I have been successful in this, although I  can quite easily miss typos of my own.

One word has come to my notice lately, wrongly used.  I even saw it in a newspaper the other day.  A word which many may not have even heard of not so long ago. An underline is continuous.  It is not discreet at all, nor is it discrete.  A discrete line would look like this - - - - - -.  A discreet person is whole with admirable character traits, not chopped into pieces.  I have seen this error probably at least every day for several weeks.  I'm having  trouble overlooking it.

Off to make basil, mushroom and fresh bean risotto for dinner.


Lynne said...

Being aware of grammar and punctuation can be such a pain sometimes, can't it?

I was explaining to Older Grandson this afternoon (they're back for Easter) that grandad was using a saw. But he confused it with his other known word - sore! It was hard to explain to him, that's for sure,

2paw said...

I am an apostrophe enthusiast as well as grammar and spelling. I am a poor typist and so I do make mistakes. The light is so beautiful and the city in the distance is beautifully mirage-y!! I have seen on the Weather how hot is is on The mainland, and though it is cooler here, we still don't have much Autumn leaf action.