Saturday, 6 July 2013

camel shawl

This Trinity Shawl has needed five rows to finish for about two weeks.

Yesterday I took myself in hand, did the rows, cast off loosely and even blocked it.  I still need to darn in start and  finish threads.

The pattern and the yarn both come from Anniken Allis in the UK. (Rav link, scroll down for pictures of her patterns.)  She donated this pattern to médecins sans frontières, Doctors without Borders, as a fund raiser.  There are some lovely patterns  there and they ask that you make the pattern and then make a donation to the organisation.  The yarn is the first in a three month subscription of a lace club and is thinner than sock yarn but thicker than laceweight.  A pattern which is exclusive to the club for several months accompanies the yarn.  I substituted this pattern.

I wish that there was some way of feeling this yarn through the screen.  It was a delight to knit.  Utterly soft and gorgeous and I love the colours in the mix.  The second yarn is 65/35% mix of Blue Faced Leicester/silk and the last is the 100% silk shown in post below.

It's not a large shawl, I wasn't sure how many repeats of patterns  were in the yarn. I think it may well be a  wrap around the neck where it will be soft and cosy.  It's turned quite cold here.  Our eleven full days of heavy rain seem to have come to an end and the sun has been shining .  However, since last weekend, winter has arrived.

It's halfway through the year.  See the Christmas decorations still in my plant?  They were leftover from  making the wreath for my front door last Christmas.  I strung them together and put them there.  They are now tangled up in the plant stems so I left them there.  Soon be Christmas again!


2paw said...

Well, you are having Christmas in July, August, September......
I am so pleased the wool was so lovely to knit with, because the shawl is just lovely. The lace is so pretty. We are having a cold spell, lots of frost this morning and we are expecting -3 tonight!!! Glad the rain is over and hope you have some some like we do!!

Teri said...

I just love yarn that feels great, too. I'm knitting with some pretty plain stuff at the moment. Maybe that explains the ennui...I have to laugh about your x-mas decorations. I had a box of packed up ornaments that sat in our living room until a couple of weeks ago after coming off the tree last December. Oy vay.