Wednesday, 3 July 2013

To suit Hercule Poirot

This skein of pure silk arrived a couple of days ago from  England.  Probably one of my last purchases from overseas for a while.  It was the third lot of yarn from Anniken's lace club.  When I bought it and one more lot yet to come, the AUD dollar was high.  It's now descended into the depths, although not as low as a few years ago.  I have told myself nothing more is allowed for now.

The photo does not do it justice.  It's a smoother, deeper colour than it seems here, even with a bit of adjusting I could not match what I could see  when I looked at the  skein. There are almost smokey mauve overtones to it and it feels deliciously soft. 500 metres give or take a few.

The colour actually reminded me of Hercule Poirot and the beautiful evening  gowns the women wore  in Poirot films.  It looks and feels opulent and decadent and very art deco indeed.

We have had sunshine for the third day in a row.  Ten solid days of rain and cold before that have made my hip and shoulders ache badly and some of my fingers have swollen too.  I hope to get back to actual knitting soon.  The pattern supplied with this yarn can be seen here, a shawl called Clementina. (Rav link).  It won't be available till October for general purchase.

The cold weather has reinforced my desire  for soup.  For several days the maximum at my house scraped 11° C and we had non-stop rain too.  I have twice bought turkey shanks, once with the whole leg bone and once trimmed as shown here.  The two here cost just under $4 for the two, hardly a fortune.  These were cooked in the slow cooker for several hours to make soup stock.  I used some of the stock last night in a sort of chicken fricassee for dinner.  Leftovers tonight.

As you can see there is a lot of meat on the bones.  I'll shred some into the soup I made today and make a  small dish, possibly curry, from the rest.  Next to no fat on the stock.

I received two very large sweet potatoes yesterday in  fruit and veg order.  Today I chopped one and an onion into the stock and put it on to cook for soup.  I added some roasted very red capsicum and blended the lot with a stick mixer  when the sweet potato was soft.  It gave a spicy flavour and made the soup quite different  to what I'd normally make.  The soup looks greasy  here.  I stirred a spoonful of good cream into it and I didn't realise the heat would make it separate a bit.  It tasted fine however, not greasy at all.  A thin slice of homemade bread and two  small mandarines mad a pleasant lunch.

Not a good photo at all, but all three were not wonderful.

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2paw said...

You are right about the glamorous and luxurious frock in Christie's shows. I saw a bit of the Tuppence and Tommy series late at night- very glamorous too. Yes, the dollar isn't at 75 cents yet, but it is low. Oh I had never thought of using turkey, have never seen it in fact. I must look. The soup sounds delicious, I really like sweet potato!!