Monday, 5 August 2013

zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-a or happy feet

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-a, plenty of sunshine heading my way...  It's a lovely day here, too mild for early August but beautiful all the same.

I have finished my Shibui sock yarn socks and am currently wearing them.  Chinese red is just that.  As red as Chinese lacquer ware.  They feel good on my feet, although it's not cold today.  It's a very, very bright colour but it makes me smile when I look down on my feet.  Happy feet .

The socks fit well and are comfortable.  They were quick to knit on 2.5 mm dpns.  I think that some speed came from the four row pattern I used from a stitch dictionary.  Actually only two rows of the four were a pattern, the other two were plain knit.  I always made sure I did a complete set of four rows so things went quickly. The yarn knits very evenly.

Whatever, happy feet here again.

More happy feet here too.  I went shopping and found these in  Target.  Perfectly useful for around the house wear, or shopping or BBQs or similar.  One pair bright red, I see a bit of a theme here.  The other a soft vaguely pinky orange colour with a tiny wedge of a heel.  Quite inexpensive from Target.

I needed some cheering up  and I think the socks and shoes might just have started me feeling more cheerful.

Years ago my mother used to give me a lanolin based handcream which she would buy at the souvenir shop at the scenic railway at Katoomba.  It was very good and I appreciated it.  I've seen people, pretty well all from USA say they are allergic to lanolin.  I have always found that hard to believe, although they must have been allergic to something for them to complain.  I think that there may have been impurities in it or if they were spinning, the wool may not have been cleaned properly.  Whatever, it produced some reaction in them.  I've never had the problem and can nostalgically remember Mum's tube of lanolin for sore lips when I was a child.

The Sydney Morning Herald had a review the other day of a new product called Lanolips.  For cuticles, lips, dry spots.  I had just been looking at several cuticles on my hands with little tears in them which were slow healing in the cold weather.  When I was at the shops this morning I went to Priceline, one of the stockists of this product.  I bought some.  When I took it to the counter, the cashier fossicked  in a plastic bag under the counter and brought out  the pink tube and another in a a very scary mauve.  A freebie.  The cream feels good on my lips and will last for ages as it requires only the tiniest smear to spread on lips.  Even with the price nearing $18, it will be economical.

ETA:  I did a bit of research.  It is the wool alcohols in lanolin which may cause problems for some people.  Wool alcohols?  I'd never heard of them before.


Sue said...

I have never heard of wool alcohols either. Lanolin is always good for cracked lips too. I quite like your chinese red socks. Love both of your shoes from Target too!

2paw said...

Nope, me either, they sound magical. I get dry lips too, so I am glad you have something to help. I love my peppermint balm!!!
Love your socks, they don't look lacquer red, but I am imagining it in my mind!!
Oh, new shoes. Very nice. I am hoping for green shoes, emerald ones.
Oh I hope you are feeling cheerier. We have had some sunny days, so it is easier to be cheery.

Lynne said...

The socks look great and the shoes were a good find. I had never heard of lanolin until I was pregnant with DD and then it was used for cracked nipples (ooo, am I allowed to say that?)! The only warning we had was to wash it off thoroughly before feeding in case the farmers had used pesticides and they had remained in the products! Too bad about the mums, just don't feed it to the bubs!