Friday, 11 October 2013

two squares and a square

I've been making squares from  the book of motifs a couple of posts down.  Just something to do with leftover 8 ply yarn.  I would like to try most of the patterns but am not pushing myself.

This one needs some serious blocking to make it square.  The pattern was easy and quick.  I would like to see charts and not just words in the book, but I guess this would probably involve paying more money for it.  The square here is lacy leaf.

I was reading  Rosered's blog over here.  She has just finished a beautiful blanket as a gift for her nephew and his bride.  She just scraped in at the deadline to have it all assembled.  I remarked to her that my mind seems to have blocked that bit out.  I can see the squares and I can envisage them assembled.  I don't see the bit in between.  I suppose I'll face that hurdle when I  get to that point.  Scroll down Jane's blogpost and you will see see she is working on another big project with a deadline finish.  Congratulations are in order there.

This square is full of butterflies resting lightly on the yarn.  Another easy pattern to do.  The yarn for both was some leftover Cleckheaton Country and I'm using 4 mm needles.

I did this as I sat on the balcony in a cool breeze after lunch a few days ago.

No cool breeze yesterday  when the thermometer climbed to 37° C here.  I actually found it quite comfortable.  It's far too hot for October but I closed everything on the northern side of my place very early in the morning.  Blinds and windows.  The house stayed very comfortable.  I guess that's because while it was very hot outside, we haven't had a run of hot days to heat the bricks to act as a heat sink.

Daylight saving adjustment seems to have knocked my sleep schedule around quite a bit.  I get one great night and then several progressively worse.  I suppose things will sort themselves out in time.

Tomorrow is my monthly outing to the Southern Highlands.  I made this salmon pie to take and also some salad.  Dressing is separate in a jar and tomorrow morning, all I have  to do is transfer three containers from fridge to insulated bag and add two freezer blocks.  This salmon pie is my third square this week.

The recipe comes from the mother of one of my DILs.  I haven't made it for ages and then thought it was easy, tasty and should be fine to transport.

J. made herself and the family a recipe book about fifteen years ago and the recipe is in there.  Here it is.

Salmon Quiche

Half pack of Jatz biscuits, crushed and spread over a 23 cm pie plate.

Whisk lightly together,

three large eggs
quarter cup plain flour
half teaspoon baking powder
half cup grated, tasty cheese
half cup milk
large drained tin salmon, flaked and bones removed
60 gm melted butter
handful of chopped dill

Pour the mix carefully over the crushed biscuits in pie plate and bake in moderately hot oven for 35 minutes.  I cooked it at 190° although the recipe suggested 210°.  I also cooked some leeks in the butter and cooled them before adding to the mix and used a fourth egg as my square dish here is bigger than the pie dish suggested.

I wonder how much the producer is getting for  these baby cos lettuce.  The pack says product of Australia.  They were very fresh and crunchy and I'm making a salad to accompany the salmon.  Two firm, crunchy baby cos lettuce cost me $1.50.  Labour, packing, and other associated costs won't return much to the grower.

The salad dressing is unusual.  A couple of tablespoons of red wine vinegar, the zest and juice of a lemon, half a cup of good oil and three tablespoons chopped capers and finally a couple of teaspoons of Dijon mustard..  I used about half that many capers. Put in screwtop jar, tighten lid  and shake well.


Sheeprustler said...

It looks gorgeous! The labour probably costs the grower very little, because they tend to use backpackers or refugees not on the minimum wage. And the packaging is probably not done by the grower. It still leaves many questions about the economics of it all of course. But it still looks yummy!

Tracy said...

I would imagine the grower would be not getting very much at all.

I haven't tried a quiche with a Jatz base but it sounds much simpler than regular pastry. I'll have to give it a go. Sounds delicious.

Rose Red said...

I have made that leaf square too, from a Patons baby book. I made it into a potholder for a swap.
The butterfly one is very clever.
I am sure you will work out a method of joining them all together when you get to that pointM

2paw said...

Somehow I can commit to a quilt but not a blanket. I would like to commit to a blanket, maybe next year. Your squares are lovely, I like the leaf and you are right about needing to make them the same size!!
That RoseRed is sneaky, making us read to the end of her post!!
I have never crushed Savoy biscuits over anything before. You lead a daring cooking life!!!