Monday, 18 November 2013

birthdays, rain and not parsley

My Amazon voucher  for my birthday just keeps on giving!  I ordered this some time ago and it has just arrived.  Amazon or US Post or both, are very slow.  It's a poor picture, but the weather here is grey, very grey.  My son has returned my camera and I think he has changed  some of my settings  too, so I need to have a fiddle with it.

This is a lovely book, well set out.  Information on knitting Shetland lace, some background to it.  Various projects using it.  Pages of small photos  grouped together so various good combinations of patterns can be seen.  On that page, each small picture has a reference to  elsewhere in the book where there are written instructions and oh joy, charted instructions as well.  That's one thing I miss about the book of motifs which I have been using.  No charts.  I resisted charts for years and years and finally made myself buckle down and learn how to use them.  Now I prefer them to written instructions.

Of my very generous Amazon voucher, I still have almost $60 left.  I have bought several books, some for the Kindle and others which needed posting.  The postage also came out of the voucher, so you can see it was a generous gift indeed.

My friend had a birthday, the same milestone as mine from last August.  He had a party in a club local to him for lunch on  Saturday.  Fortunately there was  not as much rain that day until later in the afternoon.  I was diffident about the club, although I go there often with him for a lunch.  A diverse group from  some of the many areas of his life, but the service was good and people mingled.  Most of my grandchildren were there except for one with a chest infection.  Their dads have known my friend since they were at school.  He gets on well with the grandchildren and really is a surrogate grandfather to the youngest.  Their genetic grandfather has little to do with them, often forgets to even ring on birthdays and sees them about once a year.  I can't understand it, nor can anyone else.  Still, that's the way it is.  My friend has long philosophical conversations with Finn, sits and does Lego with him, exchanges  dreadful jokes  etc.

The club overlooks Wolli Creek which is a conservation area of heritage bushland.  Pronunciation is Woll-eye.  Not that you'd know it is heritage listed and protected in some parts where it is  smothered in weeds and rubbish, but regeneration work is slowly taking place.  All the grandchildren went down to the creek after lunch as someone mentioned tortoises and frogs.  None to be found.  They must have heard my grandchildren coming!

It's been quite cold and today is wet and windy with thick fine rain blowing over every fifteen minutes or so.  I have long trousers on, a long sleeve top and just before lunch, I put on a woollen cardigan too. I am pleasantly cosy but not hot at all.  I made a single serve of potato and pancetta soup for lunch which suited the day well.

The other day, similar weather , saw me wondering  about lunch.  I had potatoes from  my order.  I don't eat many at all.  I grated a medium  one, squeezed out handfuls to get rid of the moisture.  Added some dried chilli flakes, an egg and stirred in some  flour to make a thickish consistency.  I fried spoonfuls of this and served with some salad.  It really did not take long  to make and they were nice.  If you do this, be careful not to cook them too quickly or they will burn on outside and be glue like sludge inside.  I know.  This is the voice of experience speaking.

I now have several herbs growing outside.  I enjoy them.  I bought  some parsley and basil in Coles a week or so ago  and planted them. The small pots encased in a cellophane sleeve.  Most of the basil succumbed to the heat but one or two stalks are slowly coming back to life.  I have kept them moist and I may yet get something from  them.  The parsley was marked as flat leaf when I bought it.  I picked some  today and started to chop it.  It's coriander!  Now I like coriander but really wanted  parsley.  You can just see a solitary green stalk at the other end of the box.


Melinda said...

So exciting when packages arrive in the mail! (albeit late...)
Sounds like the beginnings of a good herb garden! Parsley next!

2paw said...

I had a similar voucher for a book shop from last year that I just finished using. I love a good voucher. What an excellent, book, I prefer charts too.
The birthday outing sounds great, and it is true that you can chose your friends but not your family. I am sad there was no wildlife, but I expect they are all safe!!
Yum, I love a good potato cake/fritter/rosti or whatever. I read a tip a while ago, and when I have time I boil the potatoes whole for a few minutes, cool and the grate. I too have had the charcoal on the outside raw on the inside experience. Yours look yummy. It is cold and rainy here today- 28 in Hobart on Monday and 14 today. Yay for Spring!!

Lynne said...

The book looks very interesting! As someone who write her own patterns for samplers when tutoring, I wish everyone worked form charts. It's so tedious to write row by row instructions and so easy to make a mistake. Fortunately, I have a friend who's a great test knitter and follows the instructions exactly!

Coriander is definitely not a good substitute for parsley, flat or curly!