Tuesday, 11 February 2014

home sweet home

Somewhere in an old wooden butter box is a 78 rpm recording on bakelite of Dame Nellie Melba singing Home, Sweet Home.  It came from my grandparents who played it on a beautiful rosewood wind up gramophone.

However, sweet as it may be, it's not as sweet as knowing that Miss M has lasted just on a week at home, sleeping in her own bed. Pretty well all her hair has gone now.

 I have made one hat from the kit Vivian at Ecoyarns sent me so kindly. The pattern had tendrils falling from the top but as Miss M has a mischievous kitten at her house I have just made an i-cord loop at the top. I did not want Kitty taking a swipe at the tendrils and scratching Miss M's head. Son has a photo on his phone with her wearing it and it's a good fit, especially as I guessed at the size. I must ask him to send it to me. I said she has been at home. There have been several visits to the clinic for the usual injections and central line chemo and last Friday had another
general anaesthetic and bone marrow biopsy, the fifth in a month. Doctors are pleased with the numbers showing up. A new round of different chemo starts this week and we hope she tolerates it as well as she did the last lot. I had another hat almost finished from more of the cotton, a different spin this time. It was a reversible pattern in a fashionable slouch style. I was careful it wasn't twisted when I joined it, but I think I may have introduced a moebius style twist by not being careful when I picked up the needles. I had to rip most of it out and am now still doing the slouchy style but without the pattern. I was not happy when I discovered it. Not happy, Jan, as the ad says, at all.

The second photo shows her with a gorgeous crocheted owl sent by a Ravelry friend of mine from England.  It's beautiful and is part of a number of items from various members of a Rav group.  People have been so kind.


Lynne said...

She looks good, even without her hair.

Crafters are a generous bunch!

2paw said...

Bone biopsies are yucky,I am glad she was under when it was done. Oh no, the dreaded twist!! Maybe you have some other things on your mind?? Take care!!!